5 Useful Relationship Saving Tips for Lockdown 1

5 Useful Relationship Saving Tips for Lockdown

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It’s been almost a month now that we all are stuck at home with our family. And the lockdown is likely to get extend that means another a month or so completely confined to home.

I would like to ask how many of you are having trouble in paradise?

Just a few days ago, my mother told me over the phone that she had read in the news that the divorce rate has increased suddenly due to the lockdown in China.

My parents stays in Kolkata, located in eastern India, and I am living in Maharashtra, currently the worst-hit state in India with COVID-19.

I remain worried about my parents as, during this time of crisis, I am far from them, and that’s unfortunate. But they are safe and sound.

Anyways, even I have read and heard from several of my acquaintances that the first two weeks of lockdown was pretty impressive with their spouse.

But now they are facing frequent arguments. Now and then, there are differences in opinions and habits, resulting in conflicts.

Well, it is a natural thing to happen in a relationship.

A relationship always needs a balance, a balance of closeness, and space. Closeness ignites natural love and intimacy. Space, on the other hand, is required to create that balance in personal life.

My husband and I are having an excellent lockdown time. We are taking responsibility for the household; we are helping each other in cooking, cleaning, washing, and every other small household chores.

Does that maintain peace and tranquillity exist in a relationship?

I guess no.

Like us, you, too, are spending a lot of time with your spouse or partner. Being quarantined, a couple might have to be tolerable, but if you support each other well and balance everything, then you will start enjoying the phase.

We don’t know yet for how long this lockdown will continue to go on for our safety.

So, if there are any useful tips, it will be great.

A couple needs to create a positive environment to stay at home with each other without ruining their relationship.

Here, I will share a few helpful, proven relationship saving tips that I follow to make my marriage go smooth during this time. I am sure it will help you too.

Tip 1:  Be Responsible for each other

So, my first relationship saving tips is you must be responsible for each other.

In this tough time, when the entire world is fighting to survive. You should be thankful to God that you and your family are safe and protected.

Together you can plan and divide the household chores for the day or week. Do not let your spouse do everything and make her/him feel ignorant.

If you read my other relationship blogs, you will see I always encourage communication. A couple should always communicate their feelings to each other.

Do not expect your partner will understand your feelings without letting them know.

Start sharing what you are expecting or what you need from the other.

For example, I get panic in a crisis; it makes me nervous and brings anxiety in me. But I make sure whenever I get this kind of feeling; I straightway tell my husband why I am feeling like this, and he figures it out immediately what should be done to make me feel at ease.


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couple cooking together

Tip 2: Maintain a Balance

Maintaining a balance in a relationship is crucial. You can start doing that by respecting each other’s wishes and opinions.

When you both are stuck at home all the time, you can not go out for fun or a walk, and you are facing each other 24/7. It gets annoying sometimes and brings out the negativity in our self.

How to stop?

The answer is, by recreating a balance.

relationship saving tips

You don’t have to be right always. There are times when you both might not agree to something, and it sparks an argument that ended in unhappiness.

I know how it does because it is happening with me too. But it doesn’t go for long.

During that moment, we try to handle our argument maturely and peacefully without hurting each other’s emotions.

It often happens that in a heated argument, you say unknowingly or unintentionally say something that ends up hurting your partner.

It happened to me quite a few times. It is sad, disheartening, and regretful.

How do we stop that?

I have a simple solution.

I do it every time now, and it works well.

When you see an argument is emerging in a heated moment, quit talking about that subject at that point. You need just to move away from your spouse.

Now you can’t go out; instead, you can go to another room. After some time, when things get cooled down, both can have a calm conversation about what happened and why that happened or what their opinion is.

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The next most crucial thing about balance is ‘space.’

You need to take time apart from each other. Both should fix a time in a day when they will have a so-called ‘Me Time.’

woman sitting on bed while holding book

Where you both can take time only for yourself, you can do whatever that inspires and motivate you.

You can read, gardening, meditate, binge-watch on Netflix, cook a new dish, exercise, or take a power nap.

If you both are doing work from home, make your separate work station at home. Do not poke at each other’s business or profession.

Instead of picking up on each other or striving to be a perfect partner, concentrate on yourself first, motivate, and do the things that keep you happy.

Then, think of spending some time with each other in peace in doing random activities or just talking.

Tip 3: Plan activities to do at home

So, my next most useful and proven relationship saving tips during coronavirus quarantine is to plan out the activities that you will do together in the lockdown.

Do you play games or use sticky notes to express your love with your partner?

You can surprise her/him even by staying at home.

Now that you are staying indoor and sharing the same roof 24/7 with your partner, you can plan to do some exciting activities.

It will not only bring you both closer but also there will be less chance of getting into a fight or getting infuriated with each other.

Make some meaningful connection by doing these daily rituals:

  • Kiss/hug your partner after you wake up in the morning. The first thing to do that will make your partner feel special and loved.
5 Useful Relationship Saving Tips for Lockdown 2
  • Even after years of marriage, you can say ‘I Love You’ to each other. It always feels nice to hear your partner saying this.
  • Bring a hot cup of coffee/tea in the morning to your partner. Or tell your partner to rest while you prepare breakfast.
5 Useful Relationship Saving Tips for Lockdown 3
  • Now that you can not go out for a walk or hit the gym, instead, do exercise at home together. You can take the help of YouTube videos for ‘exercise at home.’
  • My husband and I always make sure that we sit and eat our meals together, keeping our phone away for 30-40 minutes and enjoy the food that we make.
  • If you are getting bored at home, spice up the moment by playing a board game at least twice a week, it is a great way to change the tedious routine into something fun and exciting.
  • Binge-watch each other’s favorite show

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Like this, you can come up with a lot of activities to do together that will cheer you up both in this grim situation.

Tip 4: Embrace & accept each other’s differences

This is probably one of the best challenging things in a relationship during the quarantine.

A relationship can be happy and successful when both can accept each other’s differences, opinions, and bad habits.

It requires compassion, patience, and a heart full of love for that person to accept and embrace each other’s differences. These three things together will build a bridge and make each other understand their value and importance.

Arguments and fights happen when you can not accept your partners’ weaknesses gracefully.

So, when you are quarantined at home and feeling irritated in accepting, remember that your relationship needs compassion, patience, and love to embrace each other’s fault.

Tip 5: Be creative in date ideas at home

You both have all the time on the earth now. There are no weekends or weekdays specifically for a date now. To make your lockdown stay thrilling and amusing, you can think out of box date ideas at home.

You can arrange simple date ideas that can be celebrated at home with no budget required.


  • Binge-watching movies or any fun videos
  • Cooking a meal at dinner
  • Playing a board game
  • Decorate your bedroom with whatever available at home and be romantic
  • Take a shower together
  • If you have wine at home, you can enjoy a home-cooked meal with glasses of wine
  • If you are fond of baking, then you can bake a cake together or make pizza at home
  • If you know how to play a musical instrument, you can play a tune to her/him
baked flatbread on plate

Likewise, there are plenty of other imaginative things you can do at home together and make your day enjoyable.

If you plan date nights frequently after every 2-3 days, it will break your monotonous routine and add flavor to your relationship.

Since you can not go out either meet your acquaintances or friends, being at home all the time is utterly dull. You will need something that is fun and adventurous.

When you plan date nights, it will also uplift your mood during this pandemic situation that has depressed and scared every living individual in the world.


For a newlywed couple, this quarantine period is a great way to strengthen your bond and get to know each other well.

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Even for a married couple with kids,  lockdown will give them adequate time to spend with their family. The time they had missed earlier, now being at home all the time, would be challenging.

You can take out time for your kids, play with them indoor, talk with them, and create beautiful memories with them.

Also, you can enjoy being a married person, managing, and helping your partner in every chore.

All the above-mentioned, relationship saving tips has tremendously helped my married life and kept my relationship from ruining during the lockdown.

No matter how romantic your relationship is, humans don’t do well in uncertainties and major changes in life. But a few relationship tips and advice always save and boost your relationship from the worst hit.

I hope this will help them who are looking for answers.

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