Best Diwali gift ideas

30 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family and Friends

Diwali is knocking the door in a week, and as it is a festival of celebration, we Indians love to enjoy this occasion with family and friends.

People of all ages and gender get in a mood to enlighten their house, decorate, invite friends and exchange gifts to show love and affection.

So, when it comes to giving gifts, I know many get confused and keep scratching their head on what should they buy. It had happened several times to me as well. In fact, I think you all must have had such situations in your life when you ask for help from others while ‘buying gifts.’

As Diwali is not very far and almost everywhere online and offline, there are ‘Diwali Sales’ going on. Hence, I suggest this week is the best to buy ‘Diwali gifts for friends and family.’

Here are some of the best Diwali gift ideas for family and friends that I can suggest to you. You can choose to buy as per your budget and closeness to an individual.

Best Diwali Gift Ideas –

Decorative Candles

Like I mentioned earlier that Diwali is the festival of light and celebration. People illuminate their balconies, houses with candles, and diyas.

Now, these days, you can find a lot of variety of decorative candles available in the market. Like candle vases, tin candles, candle thali, glass candles, etc. Several other innovative and creative DIY candle decorative are obtainable on both online and offline that you can opt to buy to decorate your house beautifully.

You can place them on the side or center table, on the selves and at any preferable corner of your house.

If nothing comes to your mind while buying ‘Diwali gifts’ that you can take to your friend’s house. A beautiful set of candles would be nice and fit your budget too.

decorative candles for Diwali gift

Aroma Diffuser

Aroma diffuser is a machine which uses an essential oil of different fragrance to spread the aroma throughout a home. It basically makes a room smells great and brings positive energy and vibes.

There are varieties in the oil section like Jasmine, lemon, peppermint, orange, lavender are the some that I know. These are some of the mild aromas and good purifications that you can buy while thinking of gifting your friend.

Also, let me tell you that they come in a wide range of prices. But ‘Aroma Diffuser’ is one of the best Diwali gift ideas that I could think of now.

Indoor Plants

I would be the happiest person if my guest gives me an indoor plant as a ‘Diwali gift.’

The indoor plant not only keeps your home eco-friendly but also brings positive energy by just looking at the green leaves.

Indoor plants are an excellent gift for birthdays, housewarming, even anniversary. A couple of plants settled at the corner of the room lifts the mood of those who reside.

As a guest, you can buy either a small indoor potted plant like a snake plant or costa farms or potted herbs.

I have a few plants in my balcony and two plants indoor. I genuinely think gifting plants is a very unique and cute idea.

 Indoor plant for Diwali gift ideas

A small basket full of exotic tea

Indians are mostly tea lovers. A cup of aromatic tea pleases all. Now that so many varieties and flavors of exotic tea are available in the market, I think a small basket of exotic tea packets would be an excellent luxury ‘Diwali gift idea’ for family and friends.

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It is considered to be a classy gift, especially for them who are tea lovers, like me.

Tea is no longer just black or green tea. If you go for searching tea variations in the market, you will be awestruck by the numerous blends.

Here in Pune (India), I love going to a store name ‘Fine Food’ where they have a tea section with countless flavors of tea blends. There, I saw a customized exotic tea box set for ‘Diwali.’

So, if you think you can afford to spend more and want to please your guest, you can think of buying ‘Aromatic and exotic tea set.’

Note: I am not promoting FINE FOOD.

best Diwali gift is exotic tea gift set

Feng Shui gift

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of sculpting and capturing good luck through items. People generally say that if you put Feng Shui at home, it will bring fortune and happiness. A few items like lucky bamboo, wind chimes, laughing Buddha are a few that I know of.

There are several other items too that are best for the Feng Shui gift to your guest.

I have wind chimes at my home, and it creates melodious sound whenever the wind blows and touches it.

Laughing Buddha is one of the most popular Feng Shui items that people generally consider to gift to friends and family on different occasions.

feng shui gift

LED Tea Light Candle

The trending LED tea light candle has replaced the ordinary wax candles. These are user-friendly, flameless, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

So, you can use them on any occasion to decorate your room, at anniversary, dinner table or at celebrations. Also, you can gift them on Diwali to your family and friends for brightening up the ambiance of the home.

Car Air Purifier

Now, this is something new and unique to gift on Diwali night. Of course, a car air purifier is used for removing bad odors, pollen, and smoke from inside the car.

A car air purifier is new in the market, and many people don’t know the existent of this product. This is a car cabin purification system that makes travel more comforting and healthier.

There are a variety of products each with different unique features. Most people don’t think twice about how it is equally important to have clear air inside the car.

So, if your guest has a car, then gifting a car air purifier would be a nice gesture.

We have bought an organic car air purifier that gets recharged by the sunlight, and it does serve its purpose.

Assorted Chocolate box set

Who doesn’t love a box of assorted chocolates during festivals?

Every adult and children love chocolates. So, the first thing that comes to our mind is the best Diwali gift idea for family and friends has to be ‘a big chocolate box set.’

As the Diwali approaches, you will see all the stores have a section meant only for ‘Diwali gifts.’ There you will find boxes of dark and nutty chocolates customized in different sizes and price range.

So, if you are invited to a house where you know, they have kids, grab a chocolate box set without giving a second thought to gift them.

best Diwali gift ideas assorted chocolate box

Hanging Globe Terrarium

If you are a garden enthusiast and you love creativity. Then, on this Diwali, instead of buying a hanging globe terrarium from the market, you can gift your guest a handmade globe terrarium.

Many never even heard of ‘Hanging Globe Terrarium,’ well, it is a beautiful thing use as a home décor. Basically, this is an object where rock, pebbles and white sand are placed in a glass globe with air-plants or mosses are planted inside the globe.

This can be perfectly hung from your balcony ceiling, so it is named as ‘hanging globe terrarium.’ You can get simple glass globe terrarium too just to place at the center table or wall shelve.

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You can find them readily available at any home décor store.

 hanging globe terrarium

Crockery set

A crockery set is one of the best Diwali gift ideas that you can think of gifting to your relative and at a friend’s place. Crockery set is useful, and especially women love when they get crockery set as a gift.

I still remember I got around 6-7 good quality of crockery set on my wedding day as a wedding gift. Some of them are yet unpacked, and I kept them at my safe place.

DIY Light Décor Gift Ideas

Lights aren’t just for Christmas; you can use lights to celebrate any occasion or moment of celebration.

If you are creative and are often dream of creativity, you should then consider DIY light décors gift ideas like colorful Globe string lights, firefly jar lights, glittering lights on wall, lighted snow globe terrariums and many more.

You will never run out of ideas for light décor, which you can use to gift others. I love snow globe terrariums. It is a glass globe inside you can fill with small ferns or mosses, a tiny house, a white base, and sparkle, and LED lights.

Lantern Lamp

Lantern lamps look beautiful and uplift the mood of a home. You can think of gifting eco-friendly lantern lamps made of papers, bamboo, crystal, etc.

This is a unique Diwali gift idea which people usually don’t give; rather they buy lantern lamps for their own house on the festive occasion.

30 Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Family and Friends 1


Each year Diwali held during when the winter approaches so, have you ever thought of gifting your friend or family members ‘a Scarf?’

This is the time when you will find beautiful and a lot of variety of scarves available in the market. It is practically a handy thing to give to your guests on a Diwali night, which they can eventually use in winter.

Kurta set

With a scarf, you can also buy ‘kurtas’ for your friends and family.

Kurta is a traditional dress that Indians love to wear during the festivals. Kurtas for men are different from women, but these are the time of the year when we love go traditional.

Especially, gifting kurta set to the family members is the best gesture of showing love and fondness.

Creative Diyas

Decorative and creative diyas are a must to buy in Diwali. Every house around the corner in India buy diyas for their homes and sometimes they also buy for their guest as well.

I believe gifting beautiful and colorful diyas to friends and family is a gesture of liveliness and happiness, which ‘Diwali’ is celebrated for.

Light the diyas and kill the darkness around is what we all hope for.

best Diwali gift ideas 'diya'

Cushion set

Here, I have another fantastic yet offbeat best Diwali gift ideas and, i.e., ‘cushion set.’

Yes, almost everyone has sofas in their house these days, and people love cushions behind their backs. If you go to any home décor store, you will be in wonder to see the many gorgeous looking fluffy cushions kept in a rack.

So, I am sure you may want to buy a couple, but how about buying another set to gift your friend or colleague. You are giving a positive vibe by gifting her/them a set of colorful cushions that they will always keep in their living room.

Wine Glass Set

Well, a wine glass set can also be a good Diwali gift idea if your friends and family members are wine lovers. Why only a wine glass set? You can actually gift an excellent old wine with the glass set, it will look as a whole package.

A bottle of wine and glass set are a beautiful combination for gifting at any celebration of life.

Dry Fruit Box

Dry fruit boxes are the best Diwali gift ideas, and most people find it the perfect gift item to buy because it is budget-friendly, classy and everyone loves eating dry fruits.

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Even several corporate houses prefer to give a dry fruit box gift set to their employees on Diwali as a token of good wishes.

 dry fruit box

A Good Book

A book is always considered as the best gift, which you can give to a person of any age and gender, on any occasion, and is always loved.

People generally don’t expect their guests to give them a book as a Diwali gift. So, to make it look genuine and classy, you can give a box of sweet or assorted chocolates with a good novel. It will not only look complete but also look elegant.

Body care Hamper

Women of all ages love body care gift hamper.

It comes with so many variations and assorted body care products. Who doesn’t want to get a gift like this on a Diwali night?

Indeed, a body care gift hamper would be a pleasant Diwali gift idea for family and friends both.

best Diwali gift ideas body care hamper

A box of Crackers

Although everyone doesn’t like the notion of celebrating Diwali with crackers but a little bit is always okay.

So, if the gatherings have kids, make sure they are aware of the crackers and try to buy crackers that don’t make loud noise. Already, the air is overly polluted; we don’t want to make it turn into nightmares.

Eco-friendly Spiritual Idols

During Diwali, many families perform ‘Laxmi Puja’ at their home. It says the puja brings fortune and good luck. So, even if you don’t gift anything just a small idol of ‘Laxmi’ would please your guest and host.

Amazon Kindle

Now, this is one of the most exciting gifts that I can think of. Amazon kindle is way too expensive than a simple book, but I am sure no one will willingly spend this much for a friend.

The things that are a little too expensive can be gifted to our family members on the occasion of Diwali. Like, if you have a younger brother or sister who loves reading, a gift like Amazon Kindle would make her/him the happiest.

Likewise, you can also gift a kindle to your husband or wife on Diwali. My husband gifted me Amazon Kindle two years ago on Diwali night.


Trimmer is, of course, for men who love trimming their beard. A gadget like trimmer has become a necessity item for young men.

So, this Diwali, you can pretty much spend your money on buying a good trimmer that comes with useful features for the grown-up dude of the family.

Also, on festive occasions, there remains massive discounts on gadgets and accessories online and offline both. So, this is the best time to buy product like this.

Wireless Speaker

The wireless speaker is a need for them who loves listening to music often. Wireless portable speaker is the best to gift your best friend or brother or sister, enhance the boost to listen to music.

I love small speakers, which are easy to carry anywhere, and I have two wireless speakers at home one is Phillips, and another is Bose, so I can tell how elated one can feel if they get a wireless speaker as a gift.

My personal liking is towards the BOSE wireless speaker because the sound quality is tremendous as compared to my Philip product, the one that I have.

wireless Speaker Bose


Now, by adding a smartwatch on the list of best Diwali gift ideas, I have raised the bar.

I know you must be thinking why anyone would spend more than 20k on gifting someone else a smartwatch on Diwali?

How about if I say you can gift it to your husband or beloved wife?

You can gift to each other to make the festive occasion more special. We can always spend on the thing that our family love.

Kitchen Appliances

Under kitchen appliances come so many products like microwave oven, coffee maker, sandwich maker, toaster, blender, and it goes on.

Diwali is perhaps the best time of the year when all the electronic stores start giving sales and discounts on products. So, either you can buy for yourself or can gift others. Everybody especially women love kitchen appliances as a gift.

Wind Chimes

A wind chime is a Feng Shui item that brings good luck and happiness at home. On this auspicious day, as a guest you can think of gifting your host a lovely wind chime for their home.

 Best Diwali gift ideas wind chime

A gift card

Sometimes, a gift card is even a nice gesture to your friend. With the gift card, he/she can buy anything they want.

A box of assorted sweets

Sweet is a part of every Indian life.

Whenever someone comes to your place, they bring with them a packet of sweets or if there is a celebration people feed each other sweets. When there is any good news, we bring packets of sweets at home.

So, you can understand Diwali is incomplete without sweets. And particularly, during this time of the year, you will get to see a wide variation in sweets at the stores.

Diwali gift assorted box of sweets

So, in Hindi we say,

“Diwali ki subkamnaye apko, mu mitha kijiye”

Meaning – “Happy Diwali to you all, eat sweets, and be happy.”

Hello, I am Paulomi Dutta stay in Pune, India with my loving husband. I love to read, travel and cook. I have been thinking about blogging for the past three years and now finally all is set to start my World Up Close. I will be writing about places, relationships, good and smart living and lastly, will be writing on money and financial tips. My motive is to help others through whatever knowledge I have and can share with you all. Being an introvert person, two things I love the most painting and writing. Both involve sharing thoughts with the outer world. I hope my little effort to help through my articles will be appreciable and noticed. Thank you.

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