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29 Best of Europe: Less Traveled Holiday Destination

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If I ever get a chance in my life to travel to Europe, then I will probably pick every city and town of this continent. Every country represents something unique about its culture, art, history, and nature.

Let me ask you all. What destination comes on your mind when you think of the beautiful continent Europe? Amsterdam, Rome, London or Venice?

Do you not feel like to go to places that reveals more and travel to the less known cities or towns?

Now is the time, if you have the opportunity and you are traveling next to Europe, you might want to reconsider your list of places.

If you are open to explore and experience new destinations then here is the list of 29 Europe’s best less traveled holiday destination. Give it a try.

Leiden, The Netherlands

A small academic landmark in the Dutch country which attracts a considerable amount of tourist although. Leiden is the homeland of ancient university and museums.


If you are in the Netherlands, Leiden could be stopping by place.

Toulouse, France

Settled in southwestern France not very far from Spain. The city has earned its title “La Ville Rose.” A destination like Toulouse would be ideal for a laid-back holiday.

Spending days under the sunny climate, learning French, reading books over coffees at outdoor cafes and a walk through the narrow lanes.

Toulouse is home to some of the ancient archeology and excellent art museums.


With ample time in hand, admiring these extensive art collections and monumental rooms could be the best.

Galway, Ireland

The county of Galway is a proud homeland sport and traditional music.

Not a very sports person? Not to worry because Galway is situated along the great Atlantic way and you could see some of the best sights of the coastline areas.

And of course, experiencing Irish food and culture could be great for any traveler.


Galway is worth going on your way to Ireland.

San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, the European capital of culture, is no longer a secret to people. Situated in the Basque county in Northern Spain. The city is one of the most lively, vigorous and a gem of exceptional food.


The best holiday destination for summer, for its wild stretch of Atlantic golden beaches.

Pag, Croatia

As you all know Croatia is a beautiful summer destination, so does Pag. It is said to be the party island of Croatia, but it is unusually a beautiful island which relatively barren with fewer trees and almost no vegetation.

Pag has historical values and the economy of the island based on the salt production.


Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is Germany’s most friendly city full of historical tales and striking architecture. You can’t escape the city’s dozens of canals which makes it look like ours very known ‘Venice’.

There are several reasons why you should choose to come to Hamburg for your holiday destination.


Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia is a magical place indeed. It is a dry plateau in the middle of Turkey which was once suppressed underneath volcanic ash. It is one of the most beautiful destinations for the photographers.


Cappadocia is worth a stop by if you are in Turkey.

Porto, Portugal

A long weekend in Porto, which is situated on the northern coast of Portugal could be one of the best places at a possibly cheap rate. Often, Porto is outshined by the popular city Lisbon.

The city’s coastal streets, disintegrating yet colorful buildings, postcard architecture and Porto’s local culinary are the reasons why it is uniquely different to visit.


Transylvania, Romania

Romania’s Transylvania is the most popular for its Dracula’s Castle. Not only this, it has a historical background that you will enjoy after visiting

Transylvania which is a kid-friendly place and a perfect family holiday destination in Europe.



Situated right at the heart of Europe, with its uncountable natural treasures and rich cultural background. Luxembourg is often a forgotten place by the tourists. It has everything to offer that a tourist wants.

Give it a try once. It is no less than London or Paris.


Utrecht, the Netherlands

When someone is planning for a Euro trip, most of them keep Netherland in the top of their list.

Utrecht is the bustling university town with fantastic local shopping, brews, and cafes. It is a small town that can be covered by foot.


Sardinia, Italy

Who doesn’t love a holiday in Italy? Italian cuisines, county road drives, breweries. But if you are looking for beaches?

Sardinia has some of the brilliant Mediterranean beaches. Tourist can have unlimited beach activity fun and food, nightlife, historical events, and city tour.


A trip to Sardinia will pretty much cover everything that you aspire to do during the holidays.

Whitstable, England

If you are visiting the United Kingdom and instead of spending your days in London, how about stop by in the countryside?

Whitstable is only about 50 minutes from London, a beautiful English seaside.

An evening walk along the seashore with your dog or partner watching the boats come and go with the crashing sound of countless waves is worth a look.


Lille, France

Lille in France is a warm and hospitable city. There are tons of heritage and historical places to explore and experience around the town.

The best thing about the town is the connectivity. It is only 80 minutes away from London, and 60 minutes away from Paris through high-speed trains.


Tirana, Albania

Are you familiar with the name Albania?

Even a few months back, I wasn’t aware of Albania. I came to know about the country when I read about it in a travel magazine.

Albania is a place that has been less-traveled and unexplored. It is a city of colors with lots of cultures, heritage, and entertainment.


Bordeaux, France

France has so much to offer to its tourist. Each city has a rich historical and cultural background from the decades. Bordeaux is also such a city that grew from the ages.


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is a rich blend of architecture and culture and makes it a charming holiday destination. It is situated on the northern coast of the country which is nearer to Finland.

The Old Town of Tallinn is also listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites.


An offbeat vacation to Tallinn could be much more inspiring and exciting for you.

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk has a history. It was, unfortunately, got destroyed about 80% in the World war II and it was rebuilt in the 1950s. What made Minsk a fantastic place to visit?


Its Soviet architecture and winter will indeed give you an awestruck moment in Minsk.

Azores, Portugal

The Azores is said to be “Europe’s secret island of adventure.”

One of the amazing factors about the Azores – it is situated on the node of the European, American and African tectonic plates. The Azores is naturally rich surrounded with lush green all around.


Hopefully, the tourist and the government of Portugal can keep Azores pollution free zone and sustainable.

Cologne, Germany

If you are around Germany, then a stop by in Cologne won’t be wasting of time. With its cathedrals, food, city life and leisure, the city is a quite lively and dynamic one.

Though, nothing much to say about Cologne if you have a day of free time during your stay in Germany.


You may visit Cologne with your friends.

Helsinki, Finland

Finland has been nominated quite a few times for being a peaceful country. Helsinki is the capital of Finland which is a modern city with advanced technology and business.

Due to its proximity to the sea, fishing is one of their main occupations that boost their economy. Finish people are friendly and hospitable.

But I believe the most amazing thing about traveling to a city in Finland would be to taste Finish culinary.


Maastricht, The Netherlands

Maastricht is yet another beautiful city of Netherland. Quite famous among the people of Netherland for its ancient churches and cathedrals.

Spending a day or two in Maastricht during your stay in the country would be interesting for its exposure to be able to explore the Dutch architecture and designs.


Split, Croatia

A fantastic city with a blend of the modern and Roman era. An excellent option for the tourist those enjoys the nightlife, drinking, and architecture. The city of has tons to offer to its travelers and tourist.

So, if you plan a long weekend to Split in Croatia? Won’t be a bad choice.


Bergen, Norway

Norway is an incredibly beautiful country to visit and live. Bergen is Norway’s second largest populous country, but it is less known to the tourist.

With its photogenic neighborhoods, buildings, street, museums and galleries a trip to Bergen would give you ample of things to explore and worth your time.

A picturesque walk, Norwegian food, admiring artwork, Norwegian mountains and tons of other things to see.


Bergamo, Italy

The Medieval town of Bergamo in the northeast of Milan is one of the less traveled destinations in Europe. You will tend to get lost in the rich heritage and ancient architectural world of this truly magnificent city.

You can enjoy a city walking tour. A city can be explored best by foot. And of course, how can I forget Italian cuisine?


Don’t forget to take your camera with you. Some spots are worth capturing.

Valletta, Malta

This tiny town in Malta is giving a fierce competition to the other European cities concerning tourism.

Valletta is listed in the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site as a European capital culture.

The beautiful narrow streets, Mediterranean blue sea, museums, the architectural buildings, a walk around the city will give several reasons to stop here and explore more of its culture.


Gothenburg, Sweden

It is said to be the fifth largest city in the Nordic countries. If you want to enjoy a pure city life?

Gothenburg has everything to offer. It is a vibrant city with significant economic development. Several big industries hailed from Sweden.


Lake Bled of Slovenia

A less-known place in Slovenia, Lake Bled is a treat to watch as it is a fairytale-like setting.

Although Slovenia isn’t much famous as a holiday destination among the tourist, still you can give a try for something different.


Naples, Italy

Who loves pizza? Naples of Italy is a worth holidaying a long weekend. The city that depicts the contemporary by revealing the old Roman exciting town to its tourist.

Famous for its Italian cuisine, you can devour the delicious Pizzas as much as you can.


so, colorful isn’t it?

No matter which one you choose for your holiday destination but each of these places are unique, has a history to tell and extremely beautiful to enjoy.

Europe will always be everyone’s ideal destination for holidaying with family or friends, but there are tons of places that are yet to explore more.

Take the off beaten roads, start your journey and beat the crowd.

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Featured Image Credit: by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

(Thank You for the amazing photography)

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