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‘Aquaman’ saved DC’s sinking ship and emerged as a new blockbuster of 2018

Ever since I saw the extended teaser of the latest DC superhero movie ‘Aquaman’ I have been waiting for the film to come out. DC fans are so delighted to see such a perfect blend of VFX and action-packed movie after a long time. It could have been an end of the DC movies, but Aquaman rescued it and ended it on a perfect note. The movie is a big hit and it’s earning is so far higher than ‘Justice League’ and ‘Wonder Woman.’

I have watched the movie in 3d Imax, and it is better than what I expected. I have to tell you that I amn’t at all a Jason Momoa’s fan, but he did give his best shot in this movie. He is a huge, muscular, witty and charming superhero who did justice to the character.

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The director James Wan and Warner Bros. have tried to create something which the audience can connect to. Very cleverly, they haven’t shown us any connection of the Aquaman with the other DC superheroes in the movie. Momoa got ample of free space to establish himself worthy of this character. And he does that gracefully. Director James Wan used all his muscular power his strength and dived him into all the action sequences.

But there was a lack in chemistry between Momoa’s Arthur and Amber Heard’s Mera on screen. Apparently, Amber shines on the screen on her solo scenes.

According to me, “Aquaman is the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.” It has all the factors for being the best “an epic full of action, emotions, comic relief, and stunning underwater visuals.”

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There has been a lot of efforts and pressure on the shoulders of the movie and Momoa. There were adequate reasons why this movie is so special and essential for the Warner Bros. and DC to do good in the box office. As a DC fan, I almost lost faith and interest in their superhero movies. They weren’t doing good also their script couldn’t impress the mass, unlike Marvels.

Patrick Wilson as ‘Orm’ and Yahya Abdul Mateen II as ‘Black Manta’, the two key villain characters of the movie. The movie left the fans wanting to know more about the Black Manta. Black Manta didn’t share much of the screen space. Wilson’s Orm is villainous and ambitious to become the ‘Ocean master’, yet delivered a compelling performance. I wished for some more evil and treacherous moments in the movie.

There are arguments that the movie is overstuffed with VFX and chaotic in appearance. Well, as a viewer I won’t say the film is ‘overstuffed with VFX’ but yes, ‘chaotic’ in several scenes. At some point, you will feel little bore and losing interest. But the visual presence of the exotic underwater scenes will keep you engage.

Overall, there isn’t anything new from the story perspective, but interesting use of visual effects have made the movie attractive and enjoyable.

It could have been better, but for a DC fan, it is one of the best superhero movies that he/she could enjoy thoroughly.

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