What Makes the New Trailer of ‘Aquaman’ so Interesting to Watch the Movie in December

The five-minute extended trailer of James Wan’s Aquaman has hooked me up and is ready to hit the theatres on December 21st, 2018. DC’s newest comic book movie ‘Aquaman,’ has released recently a visually attractive and a storytelling form of a trailer. The trailer has given the audience a general outline of the story and what to expect from the story.

Momoa who is playing the role of Arthur Curry (Aquaman), is the son of a human and the Atlantean queen who becomes the rightful heir of the Atlantis. But he is set on a journey to find a legendary trident to unite the kingdom. On his expedition, he faces rivalries, one of them is his brother who is specifically the villain of the movie. Patrick Wilson is playing Orm who has a super-villainous motive against humanity. This is pretty much the primary storyline.

The trailer also has some colorful visuals and astonishingly shows the underwater world. It is getting severe positive feedback from the audience. With great visuals effects, sound mixing and overall VFX, the movie trailer looks promising and gripping. The underwater scenery in the movie seems extraordinary beautiful, all thanks to the digital world and the team of highly skilled VFX.

Jason Momoa has an added pressure and responsibility on his shoulder it seems. The making of the movie took a lot more time and needed a detailed analysis to bring perfection. Fans like us have been waiting for long to see a marvelous DC comic movie after a series of a debacle.

DC comics success depends on Batman and Superman, but, if ‘Aquaman’ stand among the crowd, then the brand will no longer have to only think of Batman and Superman as their rescuer.

Aquaman starts with a high hope now it’s only a matter of few days till it hit the theatres. Aquaman could be the next top DC movie.

I am eagerly waiting for the movie to come and I hope this won’t be an end to the DC movies.

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