Why Am I So Addictive to ‘Netflix’?

A year ago, I was in Seattle living my peaceful life away from my people. It was tough and was the first time I went outside the country. Needless to say, a fantastic city to stay and I had a mixed feeling about my experience staying aboard. After working vigorously, entertainment is all that I needed at the end of the day before going to bed. Being an introvert, I like to stay being myself doing my things at my leisure time.

Watching good movies is one such thing that I like. I didn’t have a television either was I intend to buy. I had my amazing laptop with me and had a wi-fi connection.

Wanting to watch movies at night, I started looking for movies online, but it wasn’t enough. Most of the sites were untrusted, movies were old and even the annoying part was the quality of the video.

Now, what to do? Annoyed and irritated I expressed my annoyance to one of my dear colleagues. She was living in the States for a long time, and she has been quite helpful to me.

“There are sites where you can sign up and enjoy watching some great contents if you want?”


Okay, this might work. After a whole crazy day, I grabbed my dinner from the ‘Whole Food’ along with some other items. Drove back home, took 10 minutes to do things, opened my laptop googled and set an account in Netflix.

After a few moments, I was gazing at the categories and what amazed me? It has every genre of movies. I do still remember, for like 20-25 minutes I was only searching and looking at the contents that Netflix had. I was more curious to watch the television styled series.

There were less of Indian content at that time as compared to now where you can see more participation from the Indian film industry.

So, the first Netflix series that I enjoyed watching that night was ‘THE ORIGINALS.‘ And I finished two episodes that night. I found the content very fresh and quite enjoyable. All the vampire fantasy stories that I used to read when I was in college. I was sleepy, tired willing to shut down my brain for that night but still, it hooked me up.

From that night my journey with Netflix started, and it still goes on in India too.

It’s been months when Netflix has started streaming in India too. With more than a million subscribers Netflix is still competing with Amazon Prime Videos in India.

No Commercials

Yes. No commercials which I find superb. You can watch hours of content without obstructions. I always find commercials very distracting. It takes away the moment of excitement.

Unique Content

One of the key strategies of Netflix is ‘they are focused on their content from the starting.’ If you look in detail, you will come to understand how much they give priority and put their investment on creating exceptional content. They try to live up to customers demand and sustain higher quality content to compete with other television giants like HBO, HULU

It is from the year 2011 (correct me if I am wrong) they have started to add original content to its streaming service. Popular Netflix Original shows like ‘Orange is the New Black,’ ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘The Crown’ and a few more have successfully created a magic line in the entertainment world.

Some other quite legendary TV series like ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Narcos,’ Marvel’s superheroes ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘House of Cards’ and the list goes on and on. There is no end. But these are a few that I guess every Netflix lover has admired.

Apart from the TV series, Netflix does offer some of the fantastic movies too. You need to choose which genre of film you want to watch, and their website will deliver you that. They also have several independent movies. Some of my favorites are ‘Ankhon Dekhi,’ ‘That Girl in Yellow Boots,’ ‘The Meyerowitz Stories,’ ‘The Fundamentals of Caring.’

I can not deny the fact that because of its ability to provide the viewers something offbeat and refreshing we who love Netflix want to keep coming back to see what’s more it has to offer.


I think we all agree with this, how Netflix addiction has poisoned our brain. I used to watch a lot of Netflix, but then I realized how my mind was getting restless in the thoughts of streaming. With so many options available right at my fingertips, I had Netflix all caught up inside my mind and free time. As a result, I wasn’t using my time in doing anything productive which is a step backward in ‘self-improvement.’

Too much indulgence in Netflix damages your time management. I was lucky enough to realize it sooner and mend my way.

I believe I am not the only one with a Netflix problem. The company has given us every reason to get glued with it.

I admit I love Netflix more than Amazon Prime Videos or Hulu or anything. They have added a few theme oriented contents like ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, ‘Haunted’ especially for this year Halloween.

I am currently watching ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ which is quite enchanting. I desire to watch more every night but prefer to stick to one episode per day.

We still don’t have a cable connection, so Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the two that I enjoy watching at the end of the night.

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