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Daredevil Season 3 Has Every Exciting Element That Makes It Successful

Daredevil is streaming on Netflix now, and I just finished watching the season 3. With Luke Cage and Iron Fist getting canceled by Netflix, I was really into Daredevil. From the beginning of the series, I have grown a fondness towards the character Daredevil. I feel in many ways the superhero is different from others. Although season 2 wasn’t much satisfying for me, so I was eagerly waiting for the season 3 to come. And surprisingly, season 3 stood up to my expectation.

Wilson Fisk

The new season features the epic devilish character Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, whom we have seen behind bars with a bunch of other criminals. The season has brought him back on the foreground by bringing him out from the prison, he skeptically manipulates the FBI and declared himself the ‘Kingpin of crime.’ Neither anyone can touch him, nor voice against him.

Wilson Fisk is the best villain so far. Fisk is the one reason why Daredevil is such a hype. A villain with detail layered character, complexities and the Machiavellian traits is what defines Wilson Fisk.

You will see at one side Fisk’s monstrous character and on the other his unconditional love for Vanessa. Their relationship where he is entirely a different personality. This love connection also humanizes Wilson, draws out temporarily his brutal and cruel nature.

Matt Murdock

On the other side, the crimefighter Matt Murdock is back but all broken and battered physically and emotionally. The season has introduced a few new characters to bring a twist in the drama. Sister Maggi who is a nun and who has been healing Matt from his grievous wounds, however, reveals a mysterious truth later.

Matt’s spiritual being torn in pieces. Physically he isn’t strong and incapable of being the Daredevil. He is shattered and angry when came to know that Fisk is out of the prison and plotting to corrupt and rule the city. The emotional decisions that he has made cost him severely. In the process of stopping Fisk, many are dying, and he held himself responsible.

Failing Faith

One thing I find it very interesting in this season is ‘faith.’ The show has established faith as one of the important themes. Faith has always been a crucial part in Matt Murdock’s life. But in this season, there shows a conflict between the two. How deeply Matt is struggling between faith in God and seeking justice. He understands the Catholic values, but his feelings are intense that God isn’t with him. He has defied Him. We can see the changing equations. Mostly, he has been shown questioning a lot about God’s decisions for him.

The season has also explored the darker side of human emotions and much more character- driven. The entire season depicts how fear dominates each character and makes them do terrible things. Fear drives everyone in season 3. The fear of losing someone you love, the fear of losing morality, the fear of losing your family, and the fear of losing yourself.

New characters

Also, one more exciting character that has been added in season 3 is Benjamin Poindexter (Dex), the FBI sniper. The robust childhood backstory, his aggression, and skills have transpired him into a prominent figure.  The transition of Poindexter from a good FBI employee to a devil and murderer is very detailed. The season has remarkably showed the grim story of him being a troubled child to an FBI agent to a villain wearing the decorative ‘Red Daredevil’ suit. Whereas, Matt Murdock throughout the season has shown geared up in ‘black’ symbolizing the ‘darker and angrier side of Matt.’

I found it amusing and quite gripping on how the story of Dex unraveled slowly like layers.

Apart from Karen Page, the journalist and Foggy Nelson, the lawyer, season 3 has also brought FBI agent Ray Nadeem. An honest person whose strength and weakness both lies in his family, but the character explores more. Fisk played Nadeem and trapped him into a dirty game. He is in despair and shocked but can’t do anything to make it right. He was the prime reason that put Fisk behind bars again.

But how?

For that, you have to watch the entire season. No Spoiler!

Stunts that will amaze you

I love watching Matt Murdock doing the impressive stunts. It seems the show has hired a new stunt coordinator too for this season. And thankfully, it did work. The combat sequences are much more intense and realistic. All the punches, kicks and backflips are quite interesting to watch. The action scenes of Poindexter are more like a fantasy, so accurate and detailed. Especially, the two characters engaging in a combat scene in the NEW YORK BULLETIN office.

Two Amazing Supporting Characters

Last but not least, the two fantastic supporting characters Karen and Nelson, supported Matt profoundly through his ups and down. Even though with Matt away most of the time and when he met them he pushed them back hard which was emotional. Still, they stood beside him like a rock.

I liked how the Daredevil team has built up the character of Karen Page, revealing her dramatic and exhaustive past. The constant struggle of being alone, guilt and fear of death is killing her. Her relentless effort to stop Fisk and sending him back to prison is in a way ‘to do justice on her brother’s death.’ The character of Karen has dramatically taken a change from ‘The Punisher.’

How can I not say a little about the adorable Foggy Nelson who has played quite a positive role throughout the season. His character symbolizes the existence of ‘hope’ when everything goes upside-down.


Switch on your tv or laptop and binge into Netflix to watch the most fantastic TV series ‘Daredevil.’ Do let me know how you feel about the show. You can reach me at or add your comments below.


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