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Why I feel the #MeToo Movement isn’t Enough to Cleanse the Dirt of the Entertainment Industry

It’s been weeks, and there is unrest in the entertainment industry due to the prominent and much supported #MeToo movement. It isn’t just a hashtag or a platform or even a discussion forum. It is a storm raised by the women to say “enough is enough, we won’t tolerate any more”. A voice that has sprung up now across the country and overseas, to protect themselves each other against the unethical status quo of our society.

It was depressing when I heard and read the news of sexual harassment, torture and what not by these powerful so-called ‘stars’ of the glamorous industry. Every day a new #MeToo story erupt and reveal where the industry stands today, leaving people like us questioning.

With so much glam, money and power, moral values are getting submerged. Even though, I heard people say, “things happen in the glamour world.” I feel fumed.

Finally, I got an opportunity to express my thoughts on “Why I Feel strong that even the movement isn’t enough where patriarchy exists in our world.”

It’s been for decades women are witnessing and experiencing sexual aggression inside and outside the cinema world, but it has come into the limelight now. Kudos to those who have shown their immense strength and courage to come forward and share their terrible memories of the past experiences with the world. Hundreds and thousands of more are coming forward with their own #MeToo stories, speaking or tweeting through media channels. Let everyone knows, how monstrous one can be and think that they can be get away with what they have done.

Women who were silenced before, are now feeling comfortable expressing their painful thoughts.

‘Social Pressure’ again is one such reason why women don’t come forward and speak about it. They fear about their families, friends. How will society react to all these issues?

#MeToo has provided that much-needed support to the women.

Even though, experts say that the entertainment industry has brought social changes, giving men and women equal work opportunities, salary, and respect. But with more and more stories like this, we know where it stands.

In various ways, the movement has given new hope to ‘women voice.’

Now, when we talk about the entertainment industry, through a very recent series of news, we came to see the two-faces of several celebrities hiding under the cloak of patriarchal power.

I amn’t saying all men are evil, but those who are they shouldn’t be supported anymore.

Through microblogging platform, several celebrities have come forward to support by showing their concern over the matter. But here is my question, is it enough? Will only showing concern solve or eradicate the problem?

My take is ‘no.’

What Needs to be Changed?

One of the major global issues in our society lies with ‘patriarchal power.’ You might see me using this particular phrase quite a few times and can label me as a ‘feminist.’

But I believe, feminism has nothing to do with this matter. Some men in interviews, there was a debate over this issue in a news channel, where I heard them say ‘now that everyone is a feminist, they have to stand against a man and women henceforth, try to defame men.’

First of all, there is a big misconception about the notion of feminism. Let’s not go into that part. When we are addressing the problem of sexual harassment and aggression, or any gender misconduct, the issue lies in the ‘mindset of an individual.’

Not only Bollywood but entertainment industry in other countries, too have similar campaigns where women are raising against the on-going sexual misconduct.

Celebrities often get vocal about the existence of gender inequality, men power, casting couch and so on in the glamour industry.  Never before anyone has pointed out someone publicly, which has happened now after decades. It is indeed, a big step moving forward towards ‘hope.’

Several victims of whom we have seen movies and who are well-known public figures have now come forward after 7-8 years, feeling comfortable and supportive enough to be able to share their experiences of sexual abuse at workplaces.

#MeToo movement is not just about sexual abuse or harassment; it is also about men making or passing sexist jokes or comments in a work environment.

Almost we all have experienced such incident in our work environment, an individual’s behavior that we feel isn’t positive or malicious. Like our elders had taught us when we were kids ‘to stay away from that person.’ All men aren’t bad yet they aren’t even supportive too.

It is shameful when you realize that this section of good men at the workplace, they knew of such habits and incidents are probably taking place right under their nose. Did they raise any concern? Did they stop him?

They would probably whisper, “are you okay?”

“The other day I was listening to a podcast where a journalist was sharing a similar story. Her male boss who was married although, pretending to take extra care of her now and then. Started sharing his failed marital episodes, keeping her late at the office, dropping her home. And after a series of such events, she felt her boss is a good man but what happen when that image gets shatter. He tries to get close to her which was unprofessional and unethical of him to do. That journalist later had to quit the company.”

There would be perhaps, hundreds of such similar events that are happening across the country in different sectors.

If you see or hear something similar happened to your colleague, instead of looking the other way support her. Motivate her and encourage her to speak up against that person, regardless of knowing the consequences.

Respect is key

I strongly feel, more and more women have to stand against this for themselves, to protect each other. The more, the better. I know it is tough to come forward and tell what you have gone through. But that time has passed, when you used to feel vulnerable, lonely and deprived.

#MeToo is a global movement.

Now, What men can do?

  • Stop objectifying women
  • Respect her
  • Stop degrading her
  • Don’t let women fight this alone, stand beside her

Our world could be a better place if men understand these key elements. Hundreds of articles, books, debates, interviews have taken place where women and even men are writing and speaking about this very same social issue, but things aren’t getting better I feel.

We need more strong laws that can protect women. We need more such global movements where women of all age can freely talk about and come forward. We need men to care more about us. We need husbands and parents to be more supportive during the process.

If you want to share any such event of your life with me, I welcome you to engage in a conversation. If you want you can mail me too at

Thank you.

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