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Why Coming to Mumbai During Ganesh Chaturthi will Give You Goosebumps

We all get so excited and happy when festivals come. Ganesh Chaturthi is yet another such amazing Indian festival which people celebrate in a very grand way particularly in Mumbai.

As I mentioned, we all keep waiting for festivals to come which brings positivity, love, joy, celebrations, and togetherness.

This year in 2018 I got a chance to see the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in Mumbai. If you ask me how does it feel I would say in one word ‘heaven.’

Let us know something about the festival

This popular Hindu festival is celebrated for 10 long days, begins with the welcoming of a statue of God Ganesh with traditional drumbeats and chanting.

Who is Lord Ganesh?

Lord Ganapati or Ganesha, is said to be the God of Wisdom. Ganesha is a Hindu God with a body of Human and head of Elephant. Devotees enjoy the celebration with ceremonial rituals, offering foods and flowers, decorate temples and houses. It is a festival of human relationship and love.


Lord Ganapati is fond of a sweet named ‘Modak,’ so devotees offer Him a platter full of modak along with other desserts.


The 10 days of the celebration includes traditional singing, dancing, and prayings. There are groups of young men and ladies who perform the traditional drum beating festival which is very powerful and make you feel alive at every beat. With the drum beating goes the chanting ‘Ganapati Bappa Morya.’

Snapseed (3)

Last day

On the 11th day, it is now the time for the Ganapati to go home. The devotees carry the idol to be immersed in the water. Due to the fast-urban life, most of the devotees celebrate the four days of the festival.


Why Mumbai?

The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is the biggest and most lively festival in the city of Mumbai. This festival rules in the heart of the Mumbaikars (people of Mumbai). It is said that the festival was originated more than 125 years ago in Mumbai.

The best thing about this festival which I respect is ‘equality‘ and ‘togetherness of all class of people.’

You will be amazed to see the magnificence of the celebration. The entire city remains in the mood of joyful celebration during these 10 days.

The artist of Mumbai takes pride in making the idols of Ganapati. They create huge idols made of clay to be worshipped by the people of Mumbai. With each year, there come changes. People now mostly prefer their idols’ eco-friendly’.


If you are planning to visit Mumbai just for a trip, then I would suggest do come during the Ganesh Chaturthi Festive time. You will see a different Mumbai altogether.

Almost all the celebrities who live in Mumbai, they celebrate the festival at their residence with great pomp and vigor. Social media is the best source where we can see the photographs and enjoy.

Traditional Drumbeating

Lalbaugcha Raja

If you want to look at the most massive statue of Lord Ganesh, it is in Lalbaug in Central Mumbai. Millions of devotees from across the city come to get a glimpse of the idol. The decoration of the god, its temple with varieties of flowers and illumination, varieties of sweets and fruits as offerings makes it unique.

All the devotees regardless of caste or creed take every responsibility happily and offer their praying and respect to the Lord together.

Although, Lalbaugcha Raja is everyone talks about there are few others that are famous too like Mumbai Cha Raja, Chinchpokli Chintamani Utsav Mandal, Andheri Cha Raja.

I love festivals; it invokes the human relationships. So, plan a visit to Mumbai during the Ganesh festival and turn your trip into something unusual.

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Video: Paulomi Dutta (i.e by me).

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