4 Simple tips to follow that can assure your safety from using Public WIFI services while traveling

When going on a vacation, you may sometime look for free WIFI connection services to catch up your daily emails, posting a status on social media. When you see free WIFI network services anywhere, without even thinking once you jump right on.

Now here is the question. Is it safe and secure to use public WIFI services wherever you get?

When the internet is dominating the world, it has also raised the risk of personal data being hacked from unprotected networks. You should remain alert to what types of sites you are browsing at when using public WIFI services because hackers can easily watch your activities and can put you at risk.

Say for an example, you are on business travel and you need to transfer some amount on your parent’s account which is urgent. You are on your way to the airport where you are sure that you will get free public WIFI services. You reached the airport, and the first thing you did is connect to the WIFI open your bank site and start with the process but unaware of the situations like any hacker on the same network is spying on your personal information.

You could imagine how dangerous it could be. To avoid these things to happen there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that you are safe.

  1. WIFI services at the airport

We often end up spending long hours of layover time at the airport which is incredibly dull. Most of us try to kill time through the internet. Be always aware of the fact that it is an untrusted network service so as long as you are just browsing it is fine but try not to log in to banking sites and other sites that require personal details and password.

2. Strongly suggest using VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is the most effective network program for staying safe on public WIFI. To some extent, installing a VPN gives you secure network access; still, I believe it doesn’t offer a complete assurance on security. A VPN service protects all the data that you pass. It must be kept in mind that free VPN services are the most unreliable source so, always choose the best-paid VPN which is available in the market. If you are on Business Trip, then use Office authorized VPN services to check emails and confidential documents.


  1. Always check for HTTPS

In the URL, always check for ‘HTTPS’ when you are opening a site. Websites that contain ‘HTTPS’ are encrypted hence make it impossible for a hacker to interpret your data. Also, check whether the security certificate of the website is valid or not by clicking on the Secure link beside URL address bar.


     4. Go for personal WIFI hotspot

If you travel often and needs to use the internet now and then, using a mobile data connection is more secure than a free public WIFI. You can get mobile data connection from your wireless provider. You can also use it on your laptop by just turning on the mobile WIFI.



If you follow the above four simple steps, it will help to keep you safe and tension- free while traveling. I don’t use public WIFI for any financial transaction. I prefer hotel WIFI for basic browsing. And when I am out on a trip, I always use the mobile data connection for it keeps me safe and secure from the darkness of the web world.

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