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12 Best Eco-Friendly Travel Tips to Make your Trip More Responsible

Have you ever thought of considering an eco-friendly trip?

Well, we travel to explore new things, to discover ourselves and the most important thing is to enjoy. But we all know about the environmental changes that have taken place due to several reasons.

To protect the environment is our fundamental responsibility of being a global citizen. Why not take the initiative in keeping the environment clean even when you are on a trip? Maybe your one small attempt can inspire others. Eco-friendly travel doesn’t have to be boring it is preferably an active effort towards a sustainable livelihood.

Let’s figure out how to be a responsible traveler.

Here are the 12 best eco-friendly travel tips that you should know and follow.

  1. Use Efficient transportation

Saving fuel and energy is simple if you opt to travel on a non-stop flight. I would say it save time too. I hate airport layover so everytime there is a travel plan I try to book e-tickets and choose non-stop flight if that is available.

Several airlines nowadays keep an option for e-ticket over printed ones which is yet another one of the best way to make your travel eco-friendly.



  1. Turn off the lights

Now, this is one of the fundamental things that you should always do at home and in hotels. Before leaving your sweet home make sure to unplug all the electronic appliances. Even when you are at the hotel don’t go out keeping all the lights and ac on. Keep your hotel windows open and let the daylight enter your room.



  1. Bring reusable things

Use reusable things like water bottle, bags, travel mug and drinking straw. You will find plenty of such products on the market. Reusable products are incredibly travel-friendly.

I have a reusable water bottle and a snack bag. I carry both wherever I go.



  1. Avoid using plastic

Plastics are harmful and considered dangerous for the planet. Several stores now use paper bags instead of plastic. I appreciate their effort to decline the use of plastic. Even, if you see others throwing down plastics on the road, please tell them why they shouldn’t use plastics.

Sometimes we need to step up to educate others.



  1. Don’t waste water

There are places in the world where people don’t even get sufficient water for their livelihood. Even a drop of water is everything. Water is life and being a responsible person, you should never waste water. Don’t leave the tap water open or make an effort to cut down shower timing when you are in the hotel.



  1. Use hybrid cars

If you are planning for a road trip, I will insist you go for a rental hybrid vehicle for fuel efficiency. I think a road trip is the best way to enjoy a vacation. Also, you can use public transport like bus and train more.



7. Take a walking tour

Exploring a place by foot is always better. Walking keeps you physically fit and the best way to go eco-friendly. I believe if you walk around a city you will discover more.



  1. City tour with a bike

Well! I am not a much walking kind of a person so wherever I see a rental bike, I seek an opportunity to grab that and ride throughout the city. It is indeed a good exercise as we all know.


  1. Buy local

Buying local organic products is a great way to explore a place and indeed it is environmental too. It also gives the locals an opportunity to earn from a traveler like us, and an even best way to support the local community. I love buying local organic products.



  1. Always use trash

I have seen multiple times people throwing trash here and there without thinking of the consequences. The government should make strict guidelines on cleanliness across the world. Join support groups and volunteer in environment cleaning activities. Do promote your event and inspire others to do the same.


  1. Recycle

Recycle is economical and environmental both. You will see bins or boxes painted ‘Recycle’ on them, make sure to throw recycle items there so that waste materials can be recycled. You will find recycling bins in airports, hotels and even on the roadside in several cities.


  1. Enjoy low-carbon activities

Traveling will be fun if you do try low-carbon sports activities like trekking, swimming, rafting, kayaking. These are entirely ‘go green’ activities that everyone enjoys.



Be purposeful when you travel. It is only us who can keep our planet green. Billions of people are traveling, and several baby steps by us all can make a significant change. All the above 12 best eco-friendly travel tips is a way to contribute towards maintaining the ecological balance.

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I am Paulomi Dutta stay in Pune, India with my loving husband. I love to read, travel and cook. I have been thinking about blogging for the past three years and now finally all is set to start my World Up Close. I will be writing about places, relationships, good and smart living and lastly, will be writing on money and financial tips. My motive is to help others through whatever knowledge I have and can share with you all. Being an introvert person, two things I love the most painting and writing. Both involve sharing thoughts with the outer world.
I hope my little effort to help through my articles will be appreciable and noticed.
Thank you.

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