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12 Best Things About Kolkata That I Always miss

‘The city of Joy’ has a great history. The history that you should know about. There are several reasons why the city is so culturally rich but that I will share in another article. Let’s skip that part for now.

Being born and brought up in Kolkata and spending my first 25 years of my life there. So, now being away from my city for the last three years; I feel sometimes lost, yet deeply connected with the Bengali culture and things that every Bengali love to do. People from the rest of the country call them “bong.” It sounds cool, isn’t it?

Certain things make Kolkata unique and that feeling you will not get anywhere. Unfortunately, as I am far from my city and there are things about ­that I miss. I am going to share 13 best things about Kolkata that I miss always, and I am sure after reading the article some of you those who haven’t yet visited Kolkata, will want to travel to experience these things.

      1.  Tea serves in earthen cups

Tea is considered as everyone’s favorite beverage. But there is something special when the tea is served in the earthen cups. You will feel the taste different even more satisfying. Tea is an early morning and evening need for the Bengalis. You can find tea stalls at every corner of the city. Young, old, office goers and even students can be seen sipping tea with a biscuit in one hand and newspaper on the other. But nothing can beat the feeling of having tea in an earthen cup from a small tea stall in Kolkata.


Source: Google Image

       2. College Street

If you don’t get a book anywhere, then I will say go to College Street. Yes, it is a street where there are maybe tons of bookshops where you will get whatever book you want.  There are even shops with much less space that can’t fit two people inside, but you will be surprised, the moment you will see the number of books they display. Every time I want to buy some books I never go for online purchase when I am in Kolkata. It’s always College street.

College Street is one of the best things in Kolkata that I always miss.


Source: Wikimedia Google

     3.  ‘Adda’ at the coffee house

The word ‘Adda’ means gossip, or you can say chat. An evening spent with friends over a cup of tea and chat about different issues be it political, movies, technology or personal life. It can be anything. Spending an hour engaging in an enlightening discussion is always fun. We Bengalis love that.


Source: Google Image Wikimedia

     4.  Watching old Bengali movies

Who doesn’t know Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen. They are the history of Bengali cinema, setting a new trend of film-making. Watching their creation in a Sunday evening sitting with the family is the best I can think of. If you haven’t seen the Bengali Classic cinema, then I suggest you must watch at least once. Movies like “The Feluda Series,” “Pather Panchali and Apu Sansar,” “Akaler Sandhane”  and the list goes on for me.


Source: Google Wikimedia

     5. Of Course, It’s Durga Puja

I feel so restless during when the month of Durga Puja arrives. People say “pujo pujo gondho” means “the time has arrived”. Durga Puja is the best time of the year for a Bengali. The city looks stunning and lively, the streets turn into a fashion fling and it unlimited food options. The festival of “Maa Durga” brings with her all the positive energy and showers happiness around the city.

The festival is coming this year, and I think I am going to make it to my city and enjoy the four days. This is the best time I believe in visiting the ‘city of Joy.’


Source: Google Image

     6.  A walk to ‘Kumortuli.’

‘Kumortuli’ is situated in north Kolkata, a place with narrow lanes that are filled with the sculptures of Gods and Goddess. You can take a walk to these streets and can see how gracefully does the artist work and create the sculptures.


Source: Google Image

      7.  Delicious street food

Kolkata is famous for its street food. Who doesn’t love street food? You can never say ‘no’ if anyone offers you some of the best delicious street food of Kolkata. There are so many Kathi roll, Puchka, Ghugni, Mughlai Paranthas, Chowmein, momos and I can’t list them all as there are so many. And to be honest, right now I got cravings for them all.

Note: Go to Tangra if you want to taste good Chinese food.


Source: Google Image Wikimedia


       8. Cravings for ‘Illish Maach

Every Bengali loves to eat fish. Among all the fishes ‘Hilsa’ is considered the queen of fshes and favorite of all. There are several traditional recipes of Hilsa fish like ‘Ilish Bhapa,’ ‘Sorse Illish,’ ‘Ilish Paturi.’ We Bengalis serve Ilish on all festive occasions and to guest as well.


Source: Wikimedia

     9.  An evening at Princepghat

With the magnificent Howrah bridge in the background, and river Hoogly set a majestic evening view at Princepghat which is located on the banks of River Hooghly. The Princepghat is one such location in Kolkata which has restored the historical importance of this place. You can enjoy a boat ride or walk around.


Source: Wikimedia

     10.  Shopping at New Market

Now, who doesn’t love shopping? Especially girls. New Market is such a place in Kolkata which is best for shopping. You will find all brands of shopping outlets and restaurants too. It remains crowded so you can enjoy it best on foot.

Note: Beware of the hawkers they sometimes play tricks and quote a double price for a product. It is always better to bargain if you are purchasing any product from them.


Source: Wikimedia

    11.  Love for Rabindra Sangeet

You can say every Bengali adore Rabindranath Tagore blindly. Almost every little girl learns Rabindra Sangeet (music) and practices dance on Rabindra Sangeet (music). Even I love Rabindra Sangeet needless to say. I have a great CD collection of Rabindra Sangeet. And yes, Bengali literature is incomplete without Rabindranath Tagore. I know it sounds crazy but what to do Kolkata loves him. He is the icon.


Source: Google Image

    12. Mishti (sweets)

Last but not the least, sweet of Kolkata is to die for. Rosogulla, Pantua, Sondesh, Mishti Doi and what more. There are so many, and each one represents Kolkata. If you are in Kolkata and you don’t have yet tasted sweets, then you are going to miss the best thing about the city.


Source: Wikimedia

I hope next time when I go back to my city I will check out all the 13 things that I have been missing.


  1. Please keep a tab on my website, I shall soon post an article about ‘sweets of Kolkata.’
  2. If you have ever visited Kolkata or you are a Bengali too you can share in the comment what you miss the most about the city.


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