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Top 10 coldest places in India that you can think of traveling

When I say ‘coldest,’ you must have got an idea about how cold can these places be. There are some places in this country, where you can feel the lowest temperature even during the summer. These places are entirely different on climatic condition from the rest of the country.

Now, you will come to know about the coldest places in India that are extremely beautiful, adventurous and covered under the white blanket of snow. When you arrive at such destinations, it is a moment of joy, and the experience is genuinely magical.

If you are looking for places that are towering with snow-capped peaks then without saying much let’s jump on the list of those coldest places in India.

  1. Dras

Dras is the second coldest inhabited place in the world. It is a small village situated around 60km away from Kargil at an altitude of 10,990 feet above the sea level. During winter, the temperature dips into -45 to -50 degree Celsius. Can you imagine how cold it is? The life of the villagers are tough, and they survive.


Source: Wikipedia

Intensely beautiful, and mysteriously fascinating, one cannot describe the beauty of Dras valley in words. You will only believe if you see through your eyes.

  1. Leh

I consider Leh the most beautiful place in India. During winter, Leh is covered with snow. The locals say the temperature can drop to -30 degree Celsius during winter. With such harsh climatic condition, the connectivity of the city from the outer world remains cut off in winter. So when the climate gets pleasant in May, mostly tourist plan to come.

It is a beautiful small town. Earlier it used to be the cleanest town but nowadays with increasing in tourist the place remains crowded and dirty.


Source: Google Image

(Note: Please keep this beautiful town clean. Don’t throw garbages in the roads. Attempt to keep it clean and tell others too).

  1. Kargil

Much likely place during Indo-Pak war in 1999, situated in an altitude of 2676 m, Kargil remains a cold place where during the winters the temperature often goes down to -15 degree Celsius. The roads remain closed during the winter so the ideal time to travel there will be during the summer.

You can cover Kargil and Dras both together, and the road trip to both the places are nail-biting and adventurous.


Source: Google Image

4. Spiti

Winter can be extremely harsh in Spiti, where the temperature falls to -20 degree Celsius at night which is terrifying. It connects Ladakh with Tibet, beauty as you can dream of, Spiti has emerged as one of the best tourist destination spots in India.


Source: Wiki Google Image

If you have the courage, you can land to this town before the winter to feel the frostbiting cold and to see the gorgeous valley cloaked with white snow all around you.

5. Srinagar

Winter in Srinagar is irresistible, with temperature dips down to -7 staying here is a tough thing to do, but yet you can see the town in its most beautiful and purest form. With snowfall, frozen lake, and shades of grey and white look like a painting.


Source: Wikimedia Google Image

If you have the will you beat the cold and enjoy the picturesque place.

6. North Sikkim

Now, India is such a vast country with unique diversity that you don’t need to go extreme north of the country to see the snow-covered mountain.

You can get that in a different region of the country – Northeast India.

North Sikkim is again one such coldest place where the temperature drops to – 20 sometimes. But the average temperature remains between -5 to -7.


Source: Google Image Wikimedia

However, apart from experiencing the cold, you can also get to see the stunning scenic beauty of Lachung Monastery, Zero Point and a few more.

(Note: As the content is about a list of coldest places in India, so I didn’t mention the destination spots.)

7. Sela Pass

Yeah, there are lot more places to mention, and next is the Sela Pass.

Let’s know a bit about Sela Pass. It is a mountain pass located in the districts of Arunachal Pradesh. The pass is the only route to connect Tawang with the rest of the country. Although winter isn’t that harsh as compared to the spots mentioned above, the temperature can dip down to -10 degree Celsius during winter sometimes.


Source: Wikimedia

8. Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib isn’t a town or a village but a place of worship for Sikh, situated at an altitude of 15,100 feet in Uttarakhand. The site remains inaccessible from October to April due to forceful cold waves and intense weather conditions. The area remains covered with a blanket of snow throughout the long winter.


Source: Wikipedia

9. Rohtang Pass

This one is yet another mountain pass, where the road remain covered with 6-7 feet of snow. The pass is one of the favorite holiday spots in Himachal Pradesh. Although it remained closed during the winter times due to heavy snowfall, still considered as one of the coldest places in India.


Source: Google Image Wiki

10.  Shimla

Last but not the least, I would include Shimla in my list. A place where you can spend your winter days with full enjoyment. Although not the coldest place but temperature often dips down to negative and gives the tourist cold that they expect with heavy snowfall.


Source: Wikimedia

( You can travel to Shimla during winter and summer both. Also, would like to add don’t miss Manali and Dalhousie)

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I hope this article was informative and hope you all enjoyed.

Please, I welcome you all to share your opinion in the comment below. Also, if there is any place that I have missed on the list, please be comfortable to state your point as well.

Thank you guys for reading.

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