10 best travel images from my gallery – Part 2

Another weekend is gone and waiting for the next to come. Like everyone weekend is the perfect time of the week when we spend time with our family, friends, party or husband cook lunch and look after the kids. A weekend is always fun no matter what you do and how you do.

For me, a weekend is a moment when I go out to places where I can stay close to nature. Sometimes, it’s just the drive through the village roads that I enjoy the most. Or sometimes to places where the road takes me. I have traveled and had experienced many good things for last one year.

Mostly, my destinations are unplanned. I carry a bag that contains a few necessary items like wet wipes, sanitizer, charger, some snacks, a water bottle, and a wallet.

As I have mentioned in my previous article that I love photography. Although I don’t have an expensive camera, it’s just a smartphone with a good camera sensor that I use to capture moments or pristine beauty of nature that catches my eyes.

Here are the 10 best travel images from my phone gallery that I would like to share. I have used Snapseed for basic editing. I feel Snapseed is the best.Snapseed (7).jpg

  • Place: Washington State, USA


  • Place: Seattle Aquarium

Snapseed (9).jpg

  • Place: Mulshi village, Pune, India


  • Place: Alibag beach, India



  • Place: Washington State, USA


  • Place: India


  • Place: Tamhini ghat, India


  • Place: Tamhini Ghat, Pune, India


  • Place: Panchgani, India

Snapseed (5).jpg

  • Place: Lavasa road, India

I am really glad that God has given me that opportunity to travel and I now want to travel more than before.

No diamond can buy me the amount of happiness that I get when I explore.

Thank you all.


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