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10 reasons to know why you should purchase a travel Insurance

“Hey! Are you going on a trip to Thailand?

Yes, we are.

That’s great. You have travel Insurance, right?

Oh, no. That’s not needed. We will be fine.”

This was the conversation between my friend days back with me.

It’s not only him, but many people think buying travel insurance isn’t worth it. Ensuring your trip from the uncertain and unforeseen event is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling domestic or international, but if you add travel insurance to your package, it will keep you and your family safe from the worries.

If you are still thinking and have that notion that you don’t need travel insurance, then you must know all the reasons why it is so important.

Why these days everyone who flies frequently and travels to places should get a full coverage travel insurance.

Here are all the reasons that you should know:

  1. Cancellation of your trip

We all know that how bad it feels when our trip gets cancel due to some circumstances or issues. Likewise, imagine you have made all the plans for your trip. You have paid all the expenses of air tickets and hotels. But your trip got canceled in the last moment. Now, what will you do?

In this situation, if you have a trip cancellation coverage with your travel insurance, you can recover all your expenses without any hindrance.

    2. Medical Emergency

When you are away from your home, you can never say that nothing will ever happen to you. You won’t fall sick or needed medical emergency. As you know, medical expenses are hefty, but if you choose such a package that will cover 80% – 90% of your medical costs won’t that be good?

You will find a wide range of packages or schemes, read all the policies of insurance and buy whichever you feel is the best suited for you.

3. Coverage for baggage loss or stolen

Baggage loss or stolen are the typical things that most travelers face during a trip. Now, imagine you are carrying a bag that contains all your clothes along with other belongings, and you realized that it gets stolen. What will you do now?

You cannot bring back your stolen or lost baggage instead with the help of baggage loss insurance you can reimburse the amount and purchase a set of things.

  4. Natural Disaster

No one can control natural calamity. You have planned to travel, and on the way to your journey, you heard the news of Natura disaster. Your holiday destination plan is ruined, and you have to come back home.

Now, some travel insurance packages cover this kind of situations and refund you the whole cost that you have to spend for the travel. Don’t expect to get the refund immediately but eventually; you will get your money back.

5. Accident Coverage

An accident can happen anywhere and anytime. An added travel accident insurance will give you the coverage for the emergency medical and hospital expenses and keep you save.

6. Lost your Passport

Losing a passport is the worst thing that can happen during your travel. Because without a passport you can’t travel.

With coverage for lost passport package, you will get speedy recovery in replacing your passport with the new one, and it will also cover your payments.

  7. In case of a missed connection

Sometimes connecting flights get delayed due to technical fault or weather issues. Say you have to catch another flight from your destination airport and you missed it.

You probably lost your money and time both. But what if you choose a missed connection coverage, which will compensate your amount and you can take another flight.

8. Rescheduled Flight Fees

There are some travel insurance policies like change fees coverage, which covers an airline-imposed change in rescheduled flight fees. They will reimburse you the expenses, and you can enjoy booking another.

This is, in fact, an excellent package, you might have to change your travel date due to some emergency and cancel your flight. In that situation, the travel insurance will help you solve the flight charges issues.

  9. 24/7 Free services

With trip insurance, you will get 24 hours emergency assistance service. You can call at any time for emergency help.

10. Annual Insurance policy

Some Insurance companies have yearly coverage; it is pretty beneficial for them who travel frequently. It may be a business trip or family; if you buy this policy, it will cover pretty much all the expenses of your travel inconvenience.

There is a wide range of policies that you can buy to make your trip go smoother and easier. You will have peace of mind whenever you step out of your home and travel. So, getting the right travel insurance is essential.

Whenever I go out on a trip with my family, I use HDFC ERGO travel insurance. It is one of the best in India and covers mainly the trip cancellation and emergency medical.

I hope this article has enough reasons to make you believe why you should consider buying travel insurance.

If you have any idea or any suggestion please you are welcome to leave that in the comment section below.


Thanks all.







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