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6 necessary things to keep in mind when traveling alone on a trip

The thought of traveling alone sometimes makes us feel uncomfortable even though we want it. We mostly prefer to travel with family or friends, enjoy and exploring new places is always fun. But what if, you take a chance of traveling alone where your guts and courage will be your best companion. A trip that is entirely driven by you will lead you to self-discovery and boost in confidence. Make your mind and step out of your comfort zone, traveling solo is indeed a fun and adventurous thing to do at least once in your lifetime.

According to reports from tourism agencies, it is found that the demand for a solo trip has risen over the years. So, to make your very first solo journey pleasant and safe, my focus is to provide you with some tips that I followed, and you should consider too.


  1. Plan and do a proper research

Planning and researching are two vital elements in any traveling. You must plan out the places and spots that are worth visiting. Study and note down in a diary of the routes that connect those places, about bus and train stations, and local helpline numbers. Keeping this essential information will make your journey easier.

  1. Keep copies of all your necessary documents

You must keep copies of documents of your id proof so that if anything wrong happens while traveling like say if you get robbed, or you lost your passport or ticket, this will help you solve the problem. Like when I travel, I make sure to keep at least two copies of all my documents in a file. One should always be prepared when traveling alone.

  1. Always pack light

As you will be traveling alone, so it is wise to carry a light backpack. Only pack those items that you feel are needed. You can pack a few comfortable clothes, a pair of shoes, medicines, and other essential travel items.

  1. Keep emergency contact number

Keeping emergency contact or helpline number in your phone is important. Also, keep your family and friends informed about your daily travel plans, the hotel where you will be staying, and other relevant information. They will be your immediate contact if something goes wrong.

  1. Keep a guidebook

Keeping a guidebook or map will always help you. When you are traveling all by yourself, you need to believe your gut feeling, and rather than depending on a stranger it is still good to follow the guidebook. A guidebook will direct you the routes, places and other details of the area.

  1. Don’t lose your mind and sight

Yes, you might get little cranky and irritate on some situations. Things might not always be the way you want when you are traveling alone, you have to handle and look out for yourself. The best way is to keep yourself calm and be aware of your surroundings.

Traveling solo isn’t scary instead you will enjoy and learn a lot. Take a chance and start your research for a trip. Enjoy and capture moments of beautiful places, devour some of the best traditional cuisines, step out and see what the world has to offer you. You will come back home with a great lifetime experience.

I hope this article is helpful. You can leave your comment below. Any suggestions or advice are always welcome.

Thank you.

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I am Paulomi Dutta stay in Pune, India with my loving husband. I love to read, travel and cook. I have been thinking about blogging for the past three years and now finally all is set to start my World Up Close. I will be writing about places, relationships, good and smart living and lastly, will be writing on money and financial tips. My motive is to help others through whatever knowledge I have and can share with you all. Being an introvert person, two things I love the most painting and writing. Both involve sharing thoughts with the outer world.
I hope my little effort to help through my articles will be appreciable and noticed.
Thank you.

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