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How learning a local language helps you in traveling

When you want to travel to a foreign land, a little knowledge of the local language will always be beneficial and make your trip more engaging and enjoyable. Learning a new language is time taking and challenging, we all know. But when you touch down in a foreign land and see foreign words, everywhere, you will start feeling weird, because you don’t know what is all written.

You will restrict yourself from interacting with anyone. An immediate sense of shyness will work which, my friends, isn’t good when you are on travel.

So, If I tell you that how learning a new language can unbelievably enrich your travel experiences, how you can explore more and meet the local culturally different people, will that encourage you to get yourself enroll in a language learning class?


Learn common words, signs, and phrases

Let’s start with the simple thing. Too many people think that learning a new language is time-consuming, and one needs to give years of effort.

Learning a new language can be fun. You don’t need to learn the language entirely instead you can memorize or learn the familiar words, signs, and a handful of phrases, which will help you to frame small sentences. Small sentences that you can use to make one understand.

You can now read a menu in a café; you no longer need to say “hey, I am sorry I don’t understand the language.”

It will not only grow your confidence but also can make your trip much relaxed.

Easier to interact with the local people

If you don’t interact with the local people then probably you aren’t exploring the place. Meeting new people and knowing about their cultural, tradition is always exciting and essential in traveling. Only taking pictures doesn’t fulfill your motif as a traveler.

Mostly locals appreciate the fact that tourist is taking an interest in their culture and care to know about them. Local people are simple-minded human being, and when they see, you are trying to communicate with them in their language, they will make sure to make you comfortable and entertain you. The experience of knowing so much more about the people of that place itself will make your trip unforgettable.

Explore the unexplored part of the region

For me, travel means experiencing more and look out for the unexplored places that you won’t find in books nor maps. But there are remote places where no one speaks your language. Only locals can help you. They don’t understand English; it is an alien language for them. Knowing their colloquial language will provide you the access to these nature’s unruined places that you might be craving for. Sometimes, locals become your guide and help you in finding those places.

Helps you to earn in crisis

There are times when you are short of money while traveling, and you are desperately in need of some immediate cash. In this unwanted situation, knowing the local language can give you the opportunity to earn some money like by selling local handicrafts, lead a trip and work as a guide operator. You can also utilize your language skill by teaching at museums or community college.

But to be able to earn money, you should be fluent in that particular language.

Learning a new language sharpens cognitive skills in a person. And when traveling to different cities and countries, keeping knowledge of the local language will always make your journey worth and enrich with more wonderful experiences.




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I am Paulomi Dutta stay in Pune, India with my loving husband. I love to read, travel and cook. I have been thinking about blogging for the past three years and now finally all is set to start my World Up Close. I will be writing about places, relationships, good and smart living and lastly, will be writing on money and financial tips. My motive is to help others through whatever knowledge I have and can share with you all. Being an introvert person, two things I love the most painting and writing. Both involve sharing thoughts with the outer world.
I hope my little effort to help through my articles will be appreciable and noticed.
Thank you.

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