In this highly competitive world where we are bringing constant change in our education system making it more compact and tough, do we really think that it actually helps all kinds of students? Now a question may arise here that what is the ‘kind’. This is not subjective. We cannot judge a student by an adjective. Every student has their respective attributes which define them the best.
We should treat all the students same. Being a teacher, I too had faced certain difficulties in handling students who are slow learners. According to me, there is nothing like brighter or weaker section of a student. There are many reasons for why they become brighter or weaker in studies. A slow learner is difficult to identify among all others and once we identify them we need to understand them. Now I will discuss how we can overcome the weaknesses of any slow learner.
Opportunities for learning are very important in developing a child’s behavior and its mind too. Education is the key factor. There are many positive and active ways through which one can able to provide a good learning environment.
• Learning should be started from home itself. Children are very adaptive by nature; they can learn new things quickly.
• Simple playable activities or mind games help them to develop their brain and their thinking skills. It is very necessary to get your children to engage in different kinds of learning activities to improve personality.


Now some become slow learner due to many reasons like unhygienic atmosphere, resource problem where parents could not provide them a healthy lifestyle and learning opportunities, lack of sufficient good books, sometimes untrained teachers, no effort on personality developing and many more. Despite, it is a teacher’s responsibility when she could able to identify her student a slow learner or the student having problems in coping with studies.
I too had come across with few students who used to find it very difficult to understand even a simple meaning of a very simple sentence, random simple mistakes of very easy words. The teaching method is the key factor in slow learning in my opinion.
To bring change in that student, we have to first understand the core problem of that student.
• Have to use slow learning method.
• Have to establish a good emotional and friendly bonding.
• Teaching pattern should be easy so understanding by the student.
• Encourage that student and give him the task to do in small chunks.
• Try to communicate with their parents.
• Guide them throughout the course
• Take a regular test to check the progress of that student.
• Work on the area where he is very weak.
• Give regular activities
Now, these are the simple ways. I shall be sharing my personal experience regarding this. When I found myself in the same situation as seeing my student struggling with learning, I felt very bad. Their parents requested me to help their kid. I thought and planned some teaching method to help. Among the entire students I taught, there were two of them, whom I found very meek and troubling while I teach. I tried to figure out their area of problems. Both were weak in reading and writing section and one was troubling with memorizing. The moment I came across their problems, I started working on it. I used to make them read loud every time and used to make them write a lot. Like in English I used to give them something to write on a particular topic, sometimes a letter or anything which they wish to write. After completing a chapter, I used to take a test as well as a spelling test to check how much they have understood. Sometimes I used to give them playing activities as part of their learning. The one troubling with memorizing, I used to make him understand the chapter very well and ask him to write answers of his own. I encouraged them to give their writings for school magazines. I wasn’t their strict teacher, we used to discuss many topics- movies, universal topics, about their favorite things. In this way after repetitive writings their grammar, spellings, sentence making got improve. I used to give them short stories to write on their own as homework and used to enjoy while reading. In this way, they got their confidence back and finally, my guidance, as well as their hard work, brought some good result.
I never pushed them to bring very good marks, but I always tried to improve them and wanted them to enjoy studies. I had faith in their hard work and determination. Now as I am not with them I just hope they are doing well and will definitely do something good in their future.

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