PSX_20150721_130909 (1)India is a vast country and it has a lot of places to roam around where you can feel nature closely. Pune is such a place which is surrounded by beautiful lakes and hills covered with greenery. Once you are in, no doubt you won’t want to get out of this place.

I had been living here for quite a sometime and I just love the place and its pleasant weather. It’s a great place for an outing on weekends. Meanwhile, last weekend I planned to go out somewhere with my loving husband and so the name stuck and that’s “Sinhagad Fort”. The city becomes a vibrant place during monsoon. Sinhagad is around 35 KMs from Pune west and during weekends it is an ideal place to visit. It’s a half day trip. It has an amazing historical background, where we can admire the great heroes of Maratha. On our way to Sinhagad, we passed the very calm Khadakwasala dam. It’s a very nice place, mostly people from nearby come and enjoys taking shower. Some tea stalls, maize (bhutta), kanda bhaji stalls etc were there, its great to sip tea and eat bhaji with our loved ones and enjoy the glory of viewing the sunset.

PSX_20150721_132017 (1)  PSX_20150720_190816 (1)Now, when we entered the road to Sinhagad fort, the feel was something utmost good especially when you are riding on your favorite bike. The roads were good not very wide but going up to some extent it’s a bit rugged on a surface. But the rich greenery, the hills, the cool breeze and the moment of going up was exciting. The more we were going up the more it was getting misty. There were one or two tea shops, people were parking their vehicles, having tea and the view from the above was magnetic. The mist was taking control of the entire henvironment.

The parking area was bit crowded as the road is narrow so it was getting jammed. Once we reached the parking, it started drizzling. As it was my first visit to the picture of verdant hills, made me more enthusiastic. We walked along the road for 45mints. I was literally tired, we took rest and took a few snaps of the beautiful scenery. Then we followed people taking a shortcut to reach the gate of the fort and so we reached there. The shortcut way was good but its bit risky during monsoon so better to be little cautious. Though we hardly stepped up those stairs much instead we had sweetcorn chat and enjoyed viewing the fascinating sky and the hills. But the beauty of nature from that altitude was breath-taking. It was a picturesque view of the alluring sky, the Khadakwasla dam which looked so small from the top, the blanket of clouds, and the layered green and misty hills. The local people sell corn, spicy raw mango which looked delicious. The local people chatting among themselves in their colloquial language; Marathi. The atmosphere was so pleasurable that one could easily fall in love with the pieces and color of nature it exhibits.

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PSX_20150721_131541 (1)  PSX_20150721_131251 (1)

After that, we took a U-turn again returning back through those green lush, big trees on both the sides. It was a well-remembered short weekend trip.

PSX_20150721_004039 (1)   PSX_20150721_132420 (1) PSX_20150720_161433

“The silence of nature itself makes a pleasant sound which pleases our ears the most.”

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Picture Credit: Paulomi Dutta (me)


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      1. Its good and lovely to see that our frnd is writing bt according to my suggestion 4rm next time u describe the nature, places and ur emotion much more and give a short details about ur travelling means ignore that r8 or lft turn, parking, road, traffic jammed etc, so that the reader can know about the place much more he feel what u feel at that time otherwise it was a very good start and the pic was awesome.


  1. Daroon explanation korechis…
    amiyo gechilam re 3 yrs aage.. so purani baate yaad aa gayi yaar
    Aar photo gulo really fantastic..


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