20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 1
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20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India

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The lockdown in India has further extended and people are highly appreciating this step taken by the government. We, the citizen of India, are now completely shut down at our home.

I am pretty much taken by binge-watching. After I finish my morning exercise, household chores, office work, and cooking, I enjoy binge-watching movies and TV shows. Now that my husband is also at home, he cooks most of the lunch, and I prepare for dinner.

Almost all the streaming services have released new movies and TV shows this April.

In this blog post, I will share all the possible new movies and TV shows 2020 to stream in the lockdown period in India.

If you are following my blog, you might have noticed that for the last few days, I am only publishing articles on movies and shows that you can watch at home in the self-quarantine period.

New movies and TV shows 2020 to stream now:

New Movies 2020

Panga (Disney + Hotstar)

Panga is a loving 2020 Bollywood movie on sports-drama that tells the story of Jaya, a former Kabaddi world champion who left playing kabaddi years ago after she got married and started a family.

But her family pushed her for a comeback, and the movie depicts her internal struggle, expectations, and how she proved that she still is a better kabaddi player. It is a beautiful family feel-good movie to watch on Disney + Hotstar.

Guilty (Netflix)

I have mentioned about Netflix’s new movie ‘Guilty’ quite a few times. The movie was released on 6th March 2020.

An engaging story that shines a light on the “MeToo” movement, women empowerment, the psychology of a rape victim, how prejudice the social media can be on the rape victim sometimes and of course, the never-ending male ego.

If you see, there are actually a whole lot of social things that this movie talks about.

In an era of women empowerment, where the activists, women of the society are fighting for their rights and want equal respect and place in the community that they deserve.

On the other hand, women are always being targeted now even more than before.

Guilty has delivered a powerful message in the end, and it is worth watching it. I liked the performance of Kiara Advani in this movie. Her psychological disturbances, her use of music as a means to escape her bad dreams, and her difficulty in judging the truth.

The Platform (Netflix)

Amid the Coronavirus quarantine, just a few days ago, I watched ‘The Platform’ on Netflix streaming.

A sci-fi thriller genre of movie that provokes the ethical human thought process. It will bring a dark, gory feeling, especially during this lockdown period. The way I see, the movie has metaphor as compared to what’s happening in the world now.

The Platform mirrors the death in different layers being trapped with awful people in a dreadful situation. There is nothing funny about the movie, the direction and script have been written to evoke the human behavior under a grim and irrational world.

If you want to watch a feeling-good movie, The Platform will definitely not please you. You need to have a different set of movie taste to like such a high-concept sci-fi movie.

I didn’t completely understand the concept of this horror-thriller, but I can explain the plot of the film based on my understanding.

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The Platform Netflix

Operation Parindey (ZEE5)

ZEE5 Original film ‘Operation Parindey’ is a crime-drama genre of movie where a notorious criminal Monty Singh, played by Rahul Dev, is the prime suspect behind several blasts in India. Abhinav Mathur (Amit Sadh) is seeing chasing him within 24 hours.

This is the main plot of the film. The direction and screenplay are neat and tight. I felt there is a lack of connection between the protagonist and the climax.

With so many streaming services out now, each is trying to have its original series or movies. ZEE5 has several good original movies and web series that are worth watching. Operation Parindey has quite engaging content despite all the loopholes.

As you are home all the time, you have plenty of time to just watch this film for once. Or you can skip it as well.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 2

Parasite (Amazon Prime Videos)

Oscar-winning movie ‘Parasite’ is available on Amazon Prime Videos to stream. I am so happy to be able to finally watch this masterpiece, a tale of two opposite families of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Bong Joon-ho’s flawless tragicomedy that shines a light on the poor and rich Seoul household. It is one of the most excellent movies to watch in the 21 days lockdown in India.

While watching the film, I was thinking, why can’t the Indian filmmakers make films like such. ‘Parasite’ will make you feel the pain and grim condition of the Kim family. It is a thought-provoking film that is 100 times worth watching.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 3

All the Bright Places (Netflix)

I will add Netflix’s ‘All the Bright Places’ on my list of new movies and TV shows to stream. It is Netflix’s new coming of age film that follows the teen love story of Theodore Finch and Violet Markey that explores health issues like mental illness.

‘All the Bright Places’ has become one of the most viewed in 2020 on Netflix. Both the actors have compelling chemistry that the audience loves.

You can also watch 13 Reasons why, if you like this.

Netflix film

To All the Boys p.S. I Still Love You (Netflix)

Have you watched the 2018 Netflix film ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’?

If yes, then you shouldn’t skip the sequel ‘To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You,’ both the film is popular among the teenage audience. It is one of Netflix’s most popular originals teen-romantic films. A typical high-school love story, issues yet it feels like a refreshing content and quite engaging too.

It got released on this Valentine’s day, and even if you missed it, it is worth binge-watching in the 21 days of lockdown in India, especially for the couples and teen adult.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 4

Pattas (Amazon Prime Videos)

You can also watch the new Tamil movie of Dhanush that is streaming on Amazon Prime Videos. If you want to watch a chilling Tamil movie with a lot of action and drama, Pattas would be a great choice.

Dhanush has a strong fan base in South India. If you can ignore the gaps in the direction and screenplay of the film, just for entertainment, you can stream the film.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 5

Darbar (Amazon Prime Videos)

If you are a Rajnikant fan, you will no matter how the film sounds, you will love it. I have watched several movies of superstar Rajnikant, and in almost all the movies, I find a great many flaws.

In all the movies of Rajnikant, one thing is common the heroism of the actor. His actions are beyond imagination, his dialogues are the mass lover and always seem to pair with the young actress of the Tollywood industry.

Still, we love Rajnikant, and his movies always entertain us.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 6

Sarileru Neekevvaru (Amazon Prime Videos)

All the Mahesh Babu fans will love this action drama movie. Not only action but you will get romance, comedy, dance and peppy songs.

If you look at the story part, then there is nothing new. An army man helping another dead army man’s family from a high-profile politician.

You can definitely add this light-hearted fun film on your watch-list.

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20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 7

Maska (Netflix)

Netflix’s coming of age comedy newest Indian movie ‘Maska’ is fascinated with the Irani café that is run by Diana (Manisha Koirala) and his son Rumi. The Irani family owns an Irani café named Café Rustom.

Diana wants her son to follow the footsteps of her late husband in managing the café. But Rumi has a different dream to pursue, he wants to become an actor.

‘Maska’ is a sweet reminder of all the Parsi community. Manisha Koirala, as Diana is endearing to watch her acting and so does Jaaved Jaffery, who comes in the scene as a ghost to his son.

You might like watching the new Netflix’s ‘Maska.’

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 8

Love Wedding Repeat (Netflix)

Love Wedding Repeat is the latest Netflix rom-com with a punch twist in the plot. You must watch several good rom-com movies on Netflix, and this is the least watch on my list. That’s what I would say.

It is the same wedding-themed story where lovers meet, gossips on the break-up, and growing of a new relationship. But still worth watching light-hearted British rom-com, where I find the notion of romance less and chaos more in the plot.

Watch this movie if you have nothing else to do, or you are utterly bored with the lockdown.

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal (Netflix)

Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal is a 2020 Tamil romantic heist film, where Siddhart (Dulquer) and Kallis (Rakshan) meet Meera (Ritu Varma) and Shreya (Niranjani Ahathian) fell in love after their first meeting and enjoy in partying.

Soon they realize that they are running low in money and started petty crimes to earn money. ACP Pratap (Gautham Vasudev Menon) investigates these scams and tracks the four frauds.

Soon, the four of them shortlisted a wealthy old businessman, and using their techie mind; they looted a huge amount from his house and planned to run away to Thailand.

What happens next? Watch the film on Netflix to know more.

Angrezi Medium (Disney + Hotstar)

Angrezi Medium is a 2020 Bollywood drama film that tells the story of a father and his daughter.

Champak Bansal (Irfan Khan) is a Udaipur based small businessman who owns Ghasitaram sweet shop; his life revolves around his brother and his daughter Tarika (Radhika Madan), who dreams of going to aboard from childhood.

Tarika gets an opportunity to study in London and fulfill her dreams. Still, with Champak’s foolish blabbering, things get out of control, and he, along with his brother, gets deported from the London airport.

Soon after that, the story takes up to a few subplots; a short story of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Dimple Kapadia, who played a troubled mother-daughter relationship.

Ranvir Shorey, who is a friend of Champak from Udaipur but lives in poor condition in London who hardly can afford to provide shelter to his family.  

Lastly, the commonly known issue ‘generation-gap’ that showed in the father-daughter relationship.
More than anything, Angrezi Medium is worth a watch only because of Irfan Khan.

HIT: The First Case (Amazon Prime Video)

HIT: The First Case is a Telegu suspense-thriller movie, which is Sailesh Kolanu’s directorial debut film.

Vikram (Vishwak Sen) is a capable investigative Homicide officer who is suffering from post-traumatic stress because of past incidents.

He takes a case that involves the kidnap of an 18- year-old girl Preethi. The script has straightaway focused on the story of finding the whereabouts of Preethi by Vikram and his team. It is intense, thrilling, and portrayal of an investigation process is accurate.

Although I have seen a lot of crime-thriller movies, this Telegu film has caught my attention. The plot has perfectly mastered in connecting the dots of a criminal case without leaving behind any absurdity.

I won’t say there is any twist in the climax, but at the same time, the ending isn’t predictable. The film looks like a puzzle where Vikram is putting the pieces together.

It is a compact suspense-thriller film that you should watch on Amazon Prime Videos if you are fond of watching South Indian movies.

New TV Shows 2020

Special Ops (Hotstar)

So, I finished watching yet another amazing Indian web series created by Neeraj Pandey’s Special Ops’ on Hotstar. This is one of the worth watching Indian web series in the 21 days of lockdown.

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The talented Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh, who is a RAW agent is working on a secret operation with his team to find out the mastermind behind the 2001 Parliament attack.

No one believed him that there was a sixth person involved in the attack; for 19 years, he is on a hunt. He is being inquired by the Government audit for his excessive expenses that goes from the government fund.

What and where does this fund go? Watch, and you can not miss Neeraj Pandey’s ‘Special Ops’ on your self-quarantine.

New movies and TV shows 2020

State of Siege: 26/11 (Zee5)

There is another new TV show on national security during a vicious attack on Mumbai in November 2008 that is streaming on ZEE5, and it is worth watching.

State of Siege: 26/11 is an eight-episode web series that shows the horrific event that takes place on 26/11 on Mumbai.

The story is based on how the police acted on the ground level, National Security Guard Commandos prepping and strategizing for the final encounter, the Lashkar-e-Taiba, how the government responded, and the constant breaking news that the media worked on during that horrific incident.

This web series tells more about the men in uniform and their actions. Watching the web series reminds me of watching Vicky Kaushal’s URI.

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 9

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Asur (Voot Original)

How many of you watch movies or shows in Voot?

Well, Voot is not a very popular streaming platform in India like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hotstar. But there is one series ‘Asur’ that it seems many people are recommending to watch.

So, I did end up watching ‘Asur,’ and I find the content very unique. Voot’s ‘Asur’ is a psychological thriller where the lead actors Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti deals with the dead and gruesome killings.

Both are playing the role of CBI forensic officers trying to find a serial killer. Both the actors performed incredibly well, especially Arshad Warsi.

It has 7 episodes and one of the best new movies to stream in the 21 days of Lockdown in India.

Hasmukh (Netflix)

Netflix’s ‘Hasmukh’ revolves around a UP based struggling stand-up comedian Hasmukh Sudiya. ‘Hasmukh’ is a dark comedy web series that tells the life and weird psychology of Hasmukh.

He gets his feel from killing bad people before going to the stage to perform. Comedian Hasmukh has a history who grew up in Saharanpur, UP getting abused and bullied by his family members. His mentor Gulati doesn’t appreciate his talent and keeps bullied him for years.

Vir Das, as Hasmukh has performed up to the mark by getting into the skin of the character Hasmukh who keeps on murdering people for getting success in the comedy world. His conscious knows that what he is doing is ruining his soul. But his determination and dream of becoming the best comedian comes first.

Jimmy, his manager and friend, played by Ranvir Shorey, has played an integral role in discovering his success mantra and pushing Hasmukh forward in pursuing murder to achieve something great.

You will find several political anecdotes and satires used in the jokes of Hasmukh.

It is a predictable story but worthy of watching.

She (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest ‘She’ portrays the life of a poor female constable who turns into a prostitute for an operation. Her new role as undercover police playing the role of a prostitute to fetch information about the criminal is provoking her towards her sexual aggression.

Aaditi Pohankar, as Bhumi, is terrific and bold. Though my opinion is the plot could have been better in displaying the sexual and psychological transformation of Bhumi.

(Meant only for the adult)

20 New Movies and TV Shows 2020 for Lockdown India 10

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So, these are the 20 new movies and TV shows 2020 that you can consider streaming in the lockdown in India. There might be a few that I have skipped; if so, then you can mention them in the comment section. I will note to add them to the list.

I hope you all are well and taking precautions for the Coronavirus.

Thank you all.

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