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20 Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch

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Do you enjoy binge-watching?

The world is going through a severe condition. Thousands are dead already, and several countries have declared complete lockdown to reduce people gathering and spreading of the virus.

Eventually, people are self-quarantine themselves to protect themselves from getting infected. For the next 15-20 days, self-quarantine is the best possible solution to save yourself from what’s happening around in the world.

My question is, how are you spending your time? Saturday and Sunday are the days when we usually go out and do something that pleases us. But now that we can’t do, weekends are boring. So, do you.

Binge-watching is something that we all love doing. And now is the time when we can spend watching some best TV shows.

I am heavily dependent on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Zee5 for my source of entertainment. 70% of the people in the city have any of the streaming channels.

All these streaming channels have some of the best Tv shows to binge-watch. Not only TV shows, but you can also get to watch tons of outstanding regional and international movies too.

So, in this blog post, I will recommend 20 best Tv shows to binge-watch during your self-quarantine. The list is based on my opinion, but I can surely tell that they are the best to watch.

Best TV shows to binge-watch

Breathe (Amazon Prime Video)

Breathe is one of the best Indian suspense-thriller web series to binge-watch now.

R. Madhavan plays the role of a father whose little boy is suffering from a lung disorder. His son can only live if he gets a new lung; there always a but in these situations; he has to wait for a lung donor and that much time he doesn’t have.

Danny (Madhavan) can’t lose his son, so he has chosen the path of crime to save his son’s life. The story may sound flat, but I can assure you that the web series has the mystery element that will bound to watch each episode one by one continuously.

 best TV shows to binge-watch

Mirzapur (Amazon Prime Video)

Indian web series has changed the media industry. A web series like Mirzapur, which stars actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Vikrant Massey, Divyendu, is the best crime drama Hindi web series, in my opinion.

The plot revolves around the lawlessness, drugs, and violent bloodshed that takes place in the region of Uttar Pradesh. How the life of two brothers takes turn when they enter willingly into the mafia world.

One reason that makes Mirzapur one of the most popular web series of India is its catchy dialogues and incredible acting by the entire cast.

So, if you haven’t yet watched Mirzapur, you can binge-watch it during your self-isolation time.

Family Man (Amazon Prime Video)

I admire Manoj Bajpayee for his unbelievable acting prowess. Over the years, he has done many films that have fetched him accolades and audience’s love.

With ‘The Family Man,’ he has entered into a new entertainment segment ‘web series.’ Yet another crime drama that tells the story of an ordinary man Srikant Tiwari, an investigative officer. It’s the story of a man’s personal and high-risk professional life.

The series is fairly engaging, and with each episode, it gets thrilling. There are political issues, patriotism, infidelity in marriage, religious extremism, and terrorism that has been shown.

Along with this, it has also showed the modern-day relationship dynamics that a husband and wife share.

The family Man is Amazon Prime Video’s one of the most viewed series in India.

I would definitely recommend you all to watch ‘The Family Man.’

Family man

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She (Netflix)

‘She’ is the latest Netflix TV show that I have finished watching last night. ‘She’ is the story of a female constable who works as an undercover prostitute to get information about a drug mafia. But her duty is pushing her to get out of her comfort zone.

The lead actress Aaditi Pohankar (Bhumi), is terrific in her role, and so do Vijay Verma. The ending did give a hint that there will be a second season too.

I won’t say much about this remarkable Netflix web series. Instead, I want you to watch this.

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 she - Netflix

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Hunters (Amazon Prime Video)

This Nazi-killing TV show ‘Hunters’ stars the legendary Al Pacino along with Logan Lerman in the lead. Inspired by the true events, the character Jonah who is a teen and a comic book fan, his life turns into a bloody mess when his grandmother was murdered.

When the police did nothing, he joined his hands with Meyer Offerman to find out the culprit who killed his grandmother.

Courses of events, he went deep into the plan of killing all the Nazis residing in the US, those who once had tortured thousands of innocent Jews.

While watching ‘Hunters,’ it reminded me of one of the most incredible movies of all time ‘Inglorious Bastards.’ Al Pacino, as old Meyer Offerman, did give an outstanding performance mainly with his dialogues, so does the other supporting cast.

‘Hunters’ is not a conventional series to watch. You need to concentrate on the dialogues and the background story of the Nazi attacks on the Jews in Germany to understand the entire story.

It is a great TV show to binge-watch on Amazon Prime Video.


The Haunting of the Hill House (Netflix)

I watched ‘The haunting of the Hill House’ when it got released on Netflix, and frankly, I liked several things about the series. More than a horror flick, the series has layers of stories.

The classic gothic horror story with black and shadows, a family where every character has a childhood story that is linked with a giant-ghostly mansion.

You can also categorize the film into a psychological thriller. This film is nothing like ‘Conjuring,’ Even if you are not a fan of the horror genre of films or series, you will like The Haunting of the Hill House.’

There is a tale of a dysfunctional family, gothic element, and characters with a psychological disorder.

This is certainly, the best Halloween movie to watch, but you can binge-watch now as well during your self-quarantine period.

 the haunting of hill house

Kingdom (Netflix)

‘Kingdom’ is Netflix’s first South Korean zombie series that has gained huge popularity and views. If you have binge-watched ‘The Walking Dead,’ then I can say you will like ‘Kingdom’ more. It is available in English audio and sub-title, so you won’t have any difficulty in understanding.

The story of a kingdom, set in the Joseon period when the country was suffering through an outbreak. A disease where the dead rises into a flesh-craving zombie. Amidst all this, the crowned Prince is fighting against both the dead and the enemies of the throne.

What I liked about the ‘Kingdom’ is its outstanding cinematography and articulation of the story. Visually the scenes, their costumes, the ancient set up, and the tradition that they used to follow everything looks attractive.

I love zombie series and movies, I have watched several of them, and honestly, I found ‘Kingdom’ way more interesting than ‘The Walking Dead,’ ‘Z Nation,’ and others.

I recommend you to stream it.


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The Boys (Amazon Prime Video)

Unlike every superhero movie, where a superhero saves the world and is admired by everyone. Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ shows a corporate superhero team that encourages drug, perverts, and money. It is a morally corrupt corporate that backs the seven superheroes.

This isn’t a core action-based series instead of a light-hearted superhero satire drama.

Those who love watching DC Comics and Marvel movies, I can’t say if they like ‘The Boys’ or not. But still, it is a worth binging series.

 the boys

Vikings (Netflix)

Vikings is a great historical drama series to watch on Netflix. The TV show Vikings take us to the world of Nordic Lord Ragnar Lothbrok and his challenges during his time.

Vikings have a total of 6 seasons, and undoubtedly all the season has exhibited an exciting twist and turn. There is bloodshed, violent fights, sexual innuendos, and hence children shouldn’t watch this.

In this show, Lord Ragnar has been portrayed as a farmer who rises to power, raided into England, and eventually becomes a Scandinavian king. In the later seasons, after the death of Lord Ragnar, his sons continued with their raid in England, Scandinavian, and the Mediterranean.

Vikings is an excellent TV Show to binge-watch on Netflix.


13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

‘13 Reasons why’ remained one of the top-rated shows on Netflix. This American teen drama is a Netflix original based on the novel of the same title.

The story revolves around a high school student Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker, who committed suicide. She recorded multiple tapes, where she mentioned all the names of her friends from her school, who have hurt her, bullied her, and sexually assault her.

The series became very popular among the teen and youth from all over the world.

So, I would definitely say you do stream it when you are at home due to the quarantine. There are a lot of suspense, love, emotions, and friendship that have been shown in the series.

 13 reasons why

Man with a Plan (Amazon Prime Video)

We all know Matt LeBlanc as Joey in FRIENDS. Joey is my favorite character too. ‘Man with a Plan’ is a light-hearted comedy family drama where Adam, the role he plays, is a family man who isn’t perfect but tries to make his family happy.

It’s a family show where the show also provides some fantastic parenting tips.

So, if you are looking for a comedy TV series, then ‘Man with a Plan’ should be on your list. Although not very popularly known, unlike sitcom shows like FRIENDS but it is worthy of your time.

man with a plan

The Spy (Netflix)

Netflix’s ‘The Spy’ is Sacha Baron Cohen’s one of his life’s best work. Cohen is popularly known for his comedy, but here in ‘The Spy,’ he has proved acting prowess, and his magnetic presence is engaging at its best.

‘The Spy’ is based on the life of Isreal’s top Mossad spy Eli Cohen. The script is clean, yet very gripping, his personal life gets disrupt when he loses himself as an undercover spy in Syria. You will love to see Sacha Baron’s charming, elegance, and confidence.

I guess you have watched ‘The Spy’ if not then you should watch it. I can assure you that you won’t regret it.

 the spy

The Originals (Netflix)

I love vampire-based movies and TV shows, so by all my heart, I am bound to add this amazing TV show on my list of best TV shows to binge-watch.

The story follows the Mikaelson family, who are vampires and are known as the Originals in their vampire clan as they are the first vampires of history. Klaus, among all his siblings, is the most powerful vampire as he is a descendant of a witch and a werewolf.

The family has lived through the centuries hunting, sucking blood from the humans, and fighting against the many enemies who want their family dead. But their life changes when Klaus and a werewolf Hayley gives birth to their first-born Hope.

It’s a series of stories in each season, and indeed they are fascinating. There is love, hate, bloodshed, fight, magic, and also friendship.

The Originals are officially over with their fifth season, where the Mikaelson siblings have successfully protected Hope amidst all the struggles.

It’s a good one to binge-watch while you are at self-isolation with a lot of time in hand.

 the originals

Sacred Games (Netflix)

With Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan in the lead Netflix’s Sacred Games has articulated a brilliant content to binge-watch.

I am sure those who have a subscription to Netflix in India have watched this incredible web series. Those who have newly added Netflix in their streaming platform list they might have missed ‘Sacred Games.’

The story revolves around Sartaj Singh, a troubled police inspector who receives an anonymous call from Gaitonde, a wanted criminal. He told Sartaj to save the city in 25 days, and then in the flashbacks, the story of Ganesh Gaitonde begins.

It is a very gripping series to watch. I finished watching the second season of Sacred Games in just two days. You will see Pankaj Tripathi as a Saint in the second season too.

 sacred games

Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

Recently, Netflix releases the fifth season of ‘Jane the Virgin,’ and it is the end of this beautiful TV show. I enjoyed watching this amazing romantic comedy ‘Jane the Virgin’ from season 1.

The story revolves around the life and love life of Jane, who saves her virginity until getting married, but she got accidentally inseminated by a doctor during her checkup, and she gets pregnant.

From here, the story starts to pick up its pace and gets intense with what’s happening in her life.

Sometimes though, I felt the story bit dragging, especially Jane’s relationship with Rafael, but the comic and humor in the series balance the limitations well.

The series is heavily influenced by the Spanish language like throughout the series Jane’s grandmother spoke only Spanish as her character has been portrayed as an immigrant in the US from Venezuela.

So does Jane’s father, who is a Spanish telenovela star, and wants to explore the American television industry.

So, if you do not want to watch anything serious like a crime-thriller, then the CW’ s ‘Jane the Virgin’ would be a perfect choice.

 jane the virgin

Broadchurch (Netflix)

Broadchurch is a British crime-thriller TV show that investigates the murder of an 11-year-old Danny Latimer in a small town and focuses on the grief and impact on the victim’s family.

I love the addiction of watching great content, and Netflix has a great many contents that focus on the crime-thriller genre. Broadchurch mainly emphasizes the detail investigative process.

There is a thrill and suspense element. The series experienced a significant number of viewers in the first season, but the rating dipped in the second season that shows the aftermath of discovering the murderer.

Yeh Meri Family (TVF Originals)

Watching TVF Originals ‘Yeh Meri Family’ takes you back to the 90’s summer. The time we used to be at home during our summer vacation, we used to listen to the radio, play hand video games, used to speak with our friends on a cordless phone, used to ride on Bajaj Chetak scooter with dad. There are so much that every 90s grown-up can relate to while watching the series.

‘Yeh Meri Family’ has brought to us the simple things – the carefree phase of life before joining the rat race of engineering-medical that kills the innocence.

If you have watched the other web series of TVF, you will notice that they all tell stories that we have once lived or experienced.

You will enjoy streaming ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and recollect many memories that might get lost in the pile of a stressful life.

yeh meri family

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)

Yet another engaging Tv show I have for you is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine,’ which is a police adventure drama where a team of detectives follows a newly appointed captain.

It is a great time-killing series to watch at home. You will enjoy the humor and witty dialogues.

I am currently enjoying watching this series at my leisure time at home. So, I am recommending you to watch it too.

 brooklyn nine nine season 7

The Witcher (Netflix)

The American fantasy series made quite a buzz before its release, and it has indeed impressed its viewers. It’s been long that I have watched one of the most popular TV shows ever ‘Games of Thrones.’ I wouldn’t say ‘The Witcher’ is a similar kind of but can satisfy your addiction to binge-watch.

The Witcher is dark, gothic, and with the magical presence of Henry Cavil as Geralt of Rivia -a monster hunter made the series worth watching.

But what I feel is different; it is Yennefer (Anya Colatra), a sorceress who is the center of the series. Her transformation in character from a humble, underconfident lady who sets on a path to find beauty and power is terrific.

Overall, a pretty good content that can be worthy of your time during the Coranavirus self-quarantine period.

 the witcher

You (Netflix)

Netflix’s ‘YOU’ is a terrific story of an ordinary bookseller guy Joe Goldberg who is obsessed with the notion of ‘love.’ He stalks, dreams, follows other’s social account, gather every information about the girl whom he thinks he fell in love with.

He does everything to keep his love protected. He lies, hides his true identity, murders all according to him, is ‘fair in love.’

‘YOU’ is a killer series to watch that is highly engaging and weirdly frightening.

YOU is back a few months ago with its second season, and it is equally interesting though a bit slow in pace. In this season, Joe tries to focus on being a changed man who has left his identity and stalking habits behind.

He moved to a different city now and try to start a new life, but can he be a changed person?

Stream it now to find out.


There are many other great TV show contents too, but I would like to recommend these all to enjoy watching now.


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    I love Broadchurch! Well, actually, I have a preference for British television and Panel shows. Now happy that Netflix is removing Father Brown at the end of this month, but will definitely be binge watching Ozark starting the 27th. Great post 🙂

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