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14 Best Safety Tips that every Solo Travelers should follow

Now when you have decided to travel solo, it is an excellent choice, but safety should be your priority always.

You see, there are thousands of incidents happening every day in every corner of the world. But that doesn’t stop us from following our dream and urge to wander around the world. The world is a predator, and when they see a solo traveler, you will be the target.


They say if you got scared you wouldn’t be able to enjoy and explore the world. Fear is an emotion, but fear should be left behind when you set off your journey to an unknown world.

Following some simple safety measures will always keep you safe and sound.

When you travel, you will encounter people from different cultures and backgrounds. Some might try to take advantage, and with some, you might share beautiful memories of your life.


I bet independent solo traveling is entirely safe, all you need to do is plan well, listen to your gut feeling and follow these 14 basic safety tips below.

  1. Travel Insurance

Many think buying travel insurance is a waste of money. But I strongly advise purchasing travel insurance which will keep you stress-free and will bear the cost if anything wrong happens during your travel.

I use HDFC ERGO travel Insurance in India. But there are many other reliable insurance companies. You can always choose which offers you the best.

    2. Try to join a travel group

I believe, traveling in a group is a better idea than going alone. If you enter a group of other travelers, you will be safe and will get the opportunity to meet new people.

    3. Hide your emergency money someplace safe

You should always keep or hide extra cash someplace safe either in a secret suitcase pocket or backpack. You will never be short of money even if you ever get robbed.

    4. Be smart on the street

When wandering around the city or place, always keep your eyes and ears open. Be aware of your surroundings and be smart. Don’t ever let anyone think you as their target.

    5. Avoid wearing gold or diamond

I have seen many travelers wearing a diamond ring or gold band while traveling on the road. Wearing expensive metal ornaments will tend to attract thieves and which will eventually lead to danger. So better to avoid wearing than to put yourself in the hands of thieves.

You can wear handcrafted jewelry if you want.

    6. Never entertain a stranger

When you are traveling solo, you should always keep faith in your gut feelings. You shouldn’t get involved with any stranger even though they offer you to give a company.

You might feel a little lonely sometimes, it happens but tries to utilize the time in learning and exploring more about the place. Make an attempt to know about the history of the place, its people, and culture.

   7. Say no to alcohol

Never consume alcohol when you travel. You might get distracted when drinking which might result in stealing your belongings.

   8. Don’t travel carrying expensive gadgets

You should never bring with you costly electronic devices on your solo journey.

A good DSLR camera, a mobile phone, and a laptop are enough to carry forward all of your work.

A good camera will serve the purpose of taking pictures.

A laptop for booking and checking hotels, flight tickets, and other necessary details.

Most importantly, a mobile phone for letting your dear ones know of your whereabouts.

   9. Don’t share your personal information with strangers

Like always, never share your details with anyone. If someone asks for your details, then you better think twice before considering it. Ask them why they need it, cross-question them.

  10. Stay in public place at night

It isn’t safe to roam around alone at night. Make all your plans in the daytime. Try to ignore moving around at night. Instead, you can enjoy a cozy and relax time at hotel room spend the night reading books, guidebook, travel magazine or you can plan for your next day.

   11. Dress up appropriately

You should always pay attention to what you are wearing and where. Always wear comfortable and decent clothes when you are a solo traveler. Different country has different cultural norms. You as a tourist should respect and follow their standards to avoid situations.

  12. Use credit and debit cards wisely

When it comes to money, you should take extra precautions. Try to use cash whenever needed but if you use cards then use it wisely. It is always better to get money from the reliable bank ATMs rather than money exchange kiosk.

  13. Say no to lift on the roadside

Choosing public transportation for traveling is an ideal thing to do when you are a solo traveler. Get a guidebook download from the state department website, and there you will find all the bus stand and railway stations information.

If you ever get stuck on the road, I would instead suggest you call helpline than take a lift from a stranger.

   14. Carry First-aid kit

Injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. You might not get a medical store nearby always. That’s why traveling with a medical kit will help you in treating minor cuts, sprain or a headache. Carry only necessary medications with you. Don’t stuff your bag with a bunch of medicines as that might cause you trouble in the airport.

Lastly, I will say enjoy your trip that is important. If you follow these safety tips while traveling there won’t be any trouble, and you will remain safe.

NOTE: Always be safe and alert when you travel. Don’t ever try to act smart if you ever get robbed or attacked, give them whatever you have and run away from the spot.

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