12 Best Netflix Movies and Shows that I Have Watched in the Last Two Weeks

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Are you in isolation at home during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak? Do you want some suggestions on what to stream in Netflix?

Well, I cannot think of spending a day or two without watching anything on Netflix. Unless I am traveling or having a tight work schedule.

The world is in panic. Governments have taken effective solutions to stop the spread, now the roads are empty, schools/colleges are closed, offices have told us to do WFH (work from home).

Netflix movies and shows

I enjoy watching Netflix movies and shows. It gives me relief from stress. So, I end up watching 12 movies and shows in the last two weeks.

Every week Netflix releases content, both regional and English; some of them are excellent content, and some are good to skip.
Netflix India is trying to attract viewers with more regional content. But I, as a viewer, would love to watch more English content.

Netflix USA and Netflix UK, both have way too great content as compared to Netflix India.

A few Bollywood production houses have collaborated with Netflix, but only a few have stood out. Karan Johar’s Dharma production has failed miserably to create any good content so far.

Although Netflix India has started with Anil Kapoor’s production house bringing a beautiful show ‘Selection Day.’

According to Forbes, Netflix has also made a noteworthy collaboration with Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, and together, they produced ‘Bard of Blood.’

Anyways, it is just the beginning, I hope to see better regional content in the coming years.

So, now I will share with 12 best Netflix movies and shows that I have watched in the last two weeks. If you have a Netflix subscription, then I would suggest you watch them. Lets’ have a look on the list.

Netflix Movies

Cast Away

I watched this outstanding film of Tom Hank ‘Cast Away’ day before yesterday. I was surprised that how could I miss a movie like this for so long.

As per my understanding, it’s a film not entirely about love but also about surviving with a purpose.

Tom Hanks, who is a FedEx employee after spending the Christmas with his beloved, he was traveling on a flight that got crashed in an unfortunate event. He managed to survive on a desolated island without any aid for four years. He tried to escape, but the strong waves pushed him back to the island.

The only thing that kept him alive is his desire to go back to his love. It is an intense movie, not too many characters or dialogues, just expressions. I am glad that I watched this beautiful movie finally.

 cast away

A Quiet Place

I had watched this film in the theatre when it got released and I watched it again a few days back after completing all my other work.

A thriller movie set in a post-apocalyptic future where a family tries to survive in complete silence to avoid the deadly creatures.

There are similar movies like Bird Box and The Silence in Netflix.

The storyline of all the movies remains how a family fight against the monsters.

In ‘A Quiet Place,’ John Krasinski has beautifully crafted a long 90 minutes of a soundless movie into a slice of fear.

I won’t say it is the best, but as a debutant director, he did a marvelous job in balancing both the horror and the pathos of a family in crisis.

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Yeh Ballet

The next movie that I have loved watching on Netflix is ‘Yeh Ballet.’ A movie about two struggling ballet dancers who hails from a poor family in India.

While watching the film, I could relate it to the theme of Bollywood popular movie ‘Gully Boy’ and one of my favorite ‘Whiplash.’

Both the movie, have similarities of the struggle of an ordinary boy to achieve the greatness in art. ‘Yeh Ballet’ is based on real-life facts. The good thing that I liked about the film is the focus on cross-cultural differences.

Not much talked about, but I think you might like the film.

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‘Guilty’ is the latest Netflix Original film by Ruchi Narain. Nanki, played by Kiara Advani, is the lyricist who is dating the lead singer VJ of the band who is accused of raping another girl.

The storyline is basic, but I liked the way it is being portrayed. The character Nanki has been shown as a rebel yet emotionally troubled college girl who had a traumatic past.

I was a bit distracted in the first 15 minutes of the film, but then the story started to get its frame ready and exciting. It’s predictable how the film will go to shape in the end.

I find the film worth watching because of the social message it delivered at the end of the film.

I would definitely recommend you to watch this film during your self-isolation time.

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Girl on the Third Floor

So, I watched this weird dark-themed horror movie on Netflix ‘Girl on the Third Floor.’ Visually the movie isn’t at all appealing. But I felt the protagonist’s character is related to the monstrous gothic thing that happened in that house.

Don, who is going to have a baby with his wife, has shifted to a house. He is doing the renovation work all by himself, but weird things are happening. There he met with a girl with whom he slept and later killed her. But she wasn’t a person, she was a ghost.

Towards the end, I came to understand the meaning of the film; still, I wasn’t satisfied with what I have watched.

I would instead recommend you skip this movie on Netflix.

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Lost Girls

Lost Girls is Netflix’s new crime drama film where a mother is looking for her missing eldest daughter. This movie is an adaptation of Robert Kolker’s non-fiction book of the same name ‘Lost Girls.’

The film has focuses on a mother’s anger and determination to find out what happened to her daughter. It also has portrayed the laid-back attitude of the police officers.

Eventually, she had to step up and do some investigation of her own. And an enquiry leads to discovering four female bodies in Oak beach, and all were sex workers.

It is a good film that you can watch on Netflix in the thriller genre.


Bollywood movie Panipat is a period-drama film of Ashutosh Gowarikar. The film talks about the bravery of one of the Maratha army chief, Sadashivrao Bhau, who fought the battle of Panipat against the king of Afghanistan, Ahmed Shah Abdali.

The film is a tribute to the Maratha valor and how Sadashivrao Bhau has remained a hero in the history of Maratha Kingdom.

I didn’t go to see the movie in the theatre because of what I read and heard of the poor acting skills of Arjun Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt. But when I watched the film on Netflix, I find their acting quite impressive.

This film is also one of the best Hindi movies to watch on Netflix

So, never listen to those film critic’s reviews.

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Sitara: Let Girls Dream

So, I watched this outstanding Netflix short film ‘Sitara: Let Girls Dream’ directed by a two -time Oscar winner Pakistani filmmaker, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. A film aims to raise awareness about the child- bride marriage.

14-year-old Pari and her little sister Mehr plays with paper airplane off the roof and hope to become a pilot someday. When Pari saw her father coming, she and Mehr ran down to their room and started helping her mother.

Her father brought a pair of beautiful slippers for her, but that annoys her mother. The next thing we saw is Pari gets dressed as a bride, but her face clearly expresses her displeasure. So does her mother.

Little Mehr unable to understand anything enjoys everyone’s company.

The film may be short and silenced, but it gives a serious message. Even today, in several parts of our country and others, too Child bride marriage is significantly prevalent.

Definitely, a movie worth watching.

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Netflix TV Shows


I enjoy watching series more than a movie, so here Ragnarok is the first show that I watched in the last two weeks. It is a story based on the Nordic mythology God ‘Thor’ where the protagonist Magne has a power that he realizes.

His newly found power has enemies in the town who are trying to harm him. Ragnarok is a fantasy drama TV show if you like fantasy genre you might like it.

I liked the evolving friendship between Magne and Isode, but it was very short-lived and hence disconnected me from the content for a while.

You should stream it while you are at home in isolation.

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I finished watching one of the most amazing zombie series on Netflix, and that is ‘Kingdom.’ It is a perfect Netflix binge-watching series after ‘Witcher’ that I cannot stop watching.

‘Kingdom’ is Netflix’s first Korean series that became rather popular in the binge-watching segment.

The show begins with the rumors of the death of King of Hanyang. The official inside the King’s palace announced that the king isn’t dead but sick, and he won’t make any public appearance.

Lee Chang, the crowning prince, was restricted from meeting his father, and he didn’t know anything, but he could sense that something is off. So, he set off his journey to find out the truth.

Soon, the disease of dead human beings craving for flesh emerges and started to spread from one village to another.

What happens next? I would rather prefer not to disclose it here and would recommend to stream it on Netflix.

If you are a fan of binge-watching series like The Walking Dead, The Witcher, IZombie, then The Kingdom is a must-watch.

The script is dense, it’s brutal, yet you will find layers of underlying emotions, with wonderful cinematography and story, made The Kingdom one of the top-rated shows on Netflix.


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The Chef Show

How many of you have watched Jon Favreau’s movie The Chef?

Those who love cooking for them Jon Favreau has brought a new Netflix show ‘The Chef Show’ where he learns about cooking different cuisines with some of the best chefs of the world.

It is not a typical cookery show, the conversational aspect of the show has made a difference and enjoyable to watch. Jon’s love for food is highly visible, and if you are someone who loves learning new cooking skills and cuisines. You might want to stream it on Netflix.

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Always a Witch (Season 2)

Frankly, I didn’t like the second season of the Netflix show ‘Always a Witch.’ The first season was more gripping in terms of story and climax. Whereas the second season is way flat.

It is a Latino witch fantasy series where the protagonist is a witch, and she time-travels to the present century. She learns more about this world, find it amusing, made some great friends, and decided to stay in this century.

With her power, comes several situations where she had to use her power to save her friends from danger.

One of the reasons I didn’t like the second season of the show because it involves too many characters and their stories. I found the main character Carmen lost somewhere.

I would recommend to skip it and save your time watching something good and worthy.

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So, these are some of the Netflix movies and shows that I have watched in the last two weeks. My recommendation for you if to stream it or to skip it.

Stay Home & Stay Safe.

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