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10 Best Disney Channel Original Movies of the 90’s to Refresh Your Memory

How many of you still like watching Disney channel original movies?

You can always enjoy watching a Disney movie on your date night, sleepover, even at camping. The young hearts of today’s generation will continue to find these movies exciting.

There is always something unique about classic movies.

You can be sure that the Disney Channel Original Movies will keep everyone entertained especially the teens.

So, without saying much let’s have a look on the list of 10 best Disney channel original movies. Make sure to share your opinions too with us.

Brink (1998)

Brink is directed by Greg Beeman and is considered to be adapted from the Mary Mapes Dodge’s 1865 novel Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates.

The character Andy ‘Brink’, Brinker and his gang of the skater, compete not for the money but the profound love of the skating.

The gang calls themselves “Soul-Skaters”, had competitors and clash with a group of other skaters “Team X-Bladz.”

It’s a beautiful story of the kids who love skating and with their families support how they win a competition against the other team which was led by the corrupted Val.

The “Soul-Skaters” proved that money couldn’t buy you happiness. This classic Disney original movie is a sort of inspirational story for the teens.

You can always enjoy watching it any day sitting with a bowl of popcorn and a can of coke.

GIF image of a scene from the Disney Channel Original movie 'Brink'

Johnny Tsunami (1999)

A Disney Channel Original movie was nominated in 2000 for the category of Children Live Action.

It’s a beautiful story of a boy, Johnny Kapahaala who lives in Hawaii with his friends, grandparents, and parents happy. But soon his father gets a transfer to Vermont, so he had to move there, unfortunately.

He was struggling in getting adjusted to the new place. In Hawaii, he loves surfing with his friends on the beaches, but in Vermont, he was some weirdo for the other kids. They mock him for not being able to hold his skies poles properly.

But he is a stubborn kid, and he loves surfing so be it surfing on the snow instead of the ocean.

Tsunami was his paternal grandfather who was a famous surfer back then in his time and chose to stay in Hawaii.

Johnny came to know that Tsunami has great snowboarding skill and he requested him to taught him. Meanwhile, Brett and his gang challenged Johnny for a one- race.

Like any hero, Johnny won the race and the Tsunami medal.

Any teen will love watching the movie. There are so much innocence and life lesson involved in the film that makes it added to the list.

Image of the Disney Original movie "johnny tsunami"

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)

The movie “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” is based on the book of the same name written by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen.

Disney produced this film in 1999 later it brought sequel in 2001 and 2004.

The story is about a 13-year-old girl Zeno who lives in a space station in 2049.

Her parents sent her to the earth to live with her aunt in a way to punish her. She faces trouble in adjusting with the earth’s environment and with other kids.

She has a video phone tablet with the help of which she communicates with her best friend on the space station. Although, she had made a friend on the earth too, Andrew and Greg.

Zenon found that the space station is in danger and she tries to save it from a computer virus.

Sound quite funny I know, a computer virus trying to destroy the space station but this is one of the most popular Disney Channel Original movies which teens of the 90’s particularly love.

GIF Image of Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999) from Disney channel

Genius (1999)

A film directed by Rod Daniel and stars Trevor Morgan and Emmy Rossum.

The story goes like this the protagonist, Charlie Boyle, a physics genius who got tired of being treated like a loser by the other kids because he was a genius kid in the school.

He wants to change himself and start living a dual life when he meets a girl and falls in love with her. To seek her attention and affection, he creates a version of himself named Chaz Anthony, who has a bad boy image in the school.

But things go wrong in the science laboratory of the scientist Dr. Krickstein and how the three Charlie, Claire, and Dr. Krickstein solve the issue.

Poster Image of the 1999 Disney Channel movie "Genius"

Halloweentown (1998)

If you are searching for a perfect movie to watch at Halloween, this 1998 Disney Channel Original movie “Halloweentown” is what you can stream or buy a DVD from the store to spend your holiday.

You will see skeletons driving cars and warlocks running the city. Halloweentown is a fantasy world, where there is a war between the supernatural being like the witch, vampires, wizards, and the demons.

Three more sequels follow “Halloweentown”, “Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge,” “Halloweentown High,” and “Return to Halloweentown”.

The movie brings enough holiday spirits during October for kids.

GIF Image of a scene from the Disney 'Halloweentown'

The Thirteenth Year (1999)

Disney’s The Thirteenth Year is another prime and an interesting Original movie of the 90s.

A 13-year-old swimming star who is living the life of his dream but soon everything flips when he finds out he is turning into a fish/ mermaid.

In the process, eventually, he grows fins, talks to fish, swims extremely fast. He realizes that something odd is happening to him.

Later, he came to know that his birth mother was a mermaid, who shows up to see his son.

Cody wanted her to help him with his changes. So, he went away with his real mermaid mother underwater to learn, and the mermaid promised Cody’s adoptive loving mother that she would send him back before the school starts.

Isn’t it a wonderful teen story?

I bet your kid or every kid will love watching this movie.

Poster Image of the Disney's "The Thirteenth Year"

Don’t Look Under the Bed (1999)

This is Disney Channel’s one of the earliest best horror films for the kids. It was definitely a scary movie back then in the 90s.

The story revolves around Frances; she is facing some strange, spooky incidents happening around like someone is playing a prank with her. But later she discovered that it was a Boogeyman.

“Don’t Look Under the Bed” is different, scary yet funny if you watch it today.

GIF Image of the boogeyman from the Disney movie 'Don't Look Under The Bed'

Smart House (1999)

“Smart House” by the name of the movie you can get an idea. The story is about the Cooper family who wins a house of their dream which is programmed by the computer. It does all the work of a human.

In the “Smart house” Ben a young boy who lost his mother and gets upset with the fact that his father is dating someone named Sara.

The virtual mother ‘Pat’ appears to be a housewife and a strict mother keeping them away from the outer world for it being dangerous.

In the end, Ben and Sara share a cordial relationship and shutting down Pat.

There is a different appeal to the story exploring human emotions with the evolving technology.

GIF Image of the Pat from the DIsney Channel Original movie 'Smart House'

Horse Sense (1999)

“Horse Sense” is yet another Disney Channel Original Movie of the year 1999, directed by Greg Beeman.

The story is about Michael Woods and his cousin Tommy Biggs. Michael never felt close to Tommy; he mistreats Tommy during his visit to Los Angeles.

Michael later realizes, and he confronted Tommy. He understands how selfish he was and his behavior wasn’t at all good towards Tommy. He was supposed to take care of his little cousin.

He expressed his remorse and grief. Tommy later revealed to him about his father’s illness and his financial troubles.

Their family ranch is closed due to debt. Listening to all this made him upset.

Michael sold his Porsche to help Tommy with the money, but like any reasonable person Jules and Tommy rejected the money.

On the auction day, Michael instead found a solution to the problem with the concept of land trust and negotiate with the bank by saving their ranch.

Indeed, it’s a beautiful and emotional story about the character-building of Michael and their family.

Why only kids?

I believe, even the adults will like watching this movie on Disney Channel.

Poster Image of the Disney Channel movie "Horse Sense"

Under Wraps (1997)

Last but not the least, it is another Greg Beeman’s directorial film “Under Wraps,” which is considered to be the first Disney Channel Original Movie.

A story of three kids who discover a ‘mummy’ in the basement of a dead man’s house. They found that the mummy is friendly and not scary at all.

They decided to keep the mummy temporarily with them and named him ‘Harold.’

As Halloween is approaching, they discovered that if they don’t put the mummy back into the coffin before Halloween midnight, it will stop its existence.

Hence, they try to find more information about the mummy and soon they discovered what happened to him.

See how wonderful it is.

GIF Image of the 'mummy' named Harold from the Disney Original movie 'Under Wraps'


So, these are the 10 amazing lists that you might have to watch a few if you are a kid of 90s too. I hope I haven’t missed any If I have, then please do let me know. I will consider adding that on my list.

My all-time favorite is “Halloweentown.”

Which is your favorite Disney Channel Original movie?

Let us know yours too.

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